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  1. I have to agree with zhukov. I remember the days where they didn't release modules before they were finished (Nevada), and people didn't take that lightly at all. If one dosen't want to spend money on early access modules, then by all means don't. But at least I'm happy that they are producing alot of modules, and cant't wait for them all to be complete OP: the F-16 is very capable, even in it's current state imo. and it will only get better and better
  2. probably fly off the carrier having started up one engine and not unfolded my wings!
  3. Hello! Yes, im running 1.5.8 open beta! All is up to date
  4. Hello revelation! I am logged in with the same account, and i have tried to refresh and uninstall/reinstall all other modules :(
  5. Hello everybody, and thanks to RAZBAM for this beautiful module! I'm having a slight problem tho.. I bought the module yesterday, but i still can't download the actual module in-game when i go to the module manager. I have tried to repair DCS open beta to see it that did the trick, but no.. i also tried to do a fresh install of 1.5.8, but still no harrier for me in module manager! Any help or suggestions are appriciated, as i REALLY want to fly this biird:pilotfly::joystick: Best regards, Mnrty
  6. Im terribly sorry if this has been asked before, but where do you put the files after you complete the download? Best regards and happy flying! :pilotfly:
  7. Sure thing Rossi, only now we call our selves Combined Ops Group! (Check Carrollheads sign). Come join us anytime you want mate, people are usually online evenings European time.
  8. Could someone confirm if this is a bug or not ? The campaign is such a joy to play up until the point where you can't contact AWACS and then you have to start all over again! :( Some pretty long flights in there :D
  9. I agree. We use it in almost every mission, and its a complete game changer IMO. Looking forward to new maps and scenarios to play out with humans in the vehicles!
  10. On the COG (Combined ops group) dedicated server there is alot of missions with CA slots avail :)
  11. Thanks, as you can hear.. i didn't really thought it would work, but DCS prooved me wrong once again :D
  12. Thanks for the replies! I didn't really think it would work, but hey.. ! :D Ahh i remember that video. awesome harrier A10 !
  13. Me and a friend was fooling around in the P-51 when i decided to try a 60kts crosswind landing :joystick: It actually worked, so we decided to make a video of it. Sorry for the talking, really fast editing!
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