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  1. There is quite a big jump between minimal and recommended specs. I would say the recommended is for the absolute top of the line experience. I would venture to guess anything in between is going to perform well
  2. From what I can tell the EM is a naval version of the ER. Just a different warhead I do believe. Here is some more info http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=19285
  3. Thanks, I will look into it. All the buttons are fine its just the axis but only with the 27.
  4. Ok here is the issue, I basically fly 4 planes F-15, A-10, Mig-29S, and Su-27. I use a very simple X-52 profile each mode corresponds to a plane IE mode 1 is A-10, Mode 2 is F-15, and Mode 3 is Su-27/Mig-29. I set all axises in the game options. Now the issue, When Flying the F-15, A-10, or Mig-29 I have no issues the X-52 responds as it should. Now when I get into the 27 the planes doesn't respond as it should. When i move the stick left or right or rudder left or right the rudders or ailerons stay in that particular position. Basically when I let go of the stick nothing resets to cent
  5. I would assume we wont see the MK20 due to the fact that is no longer in inventory.....
  6. Yes 1760 stores and you are correct only certain settings can be chosen from the pit. I know certain fuses give the ability to change times etc....As far as the 103 goes its not something we load or use at all...so manly guesses but we do set every fuse on the ground
  7. Oddly enough i think there are a few more connections than 1760 but i could be wrong. And for the record sta 2 and 10 are not 1760 complaint as far as JDAMs go
  8. IIRC the 103 should be programmable from the pit because it has a cable hooked up to the jet. However the 89 doesn't have a cable therefore not programmable......
  9. Cool thanks man! Its a pod so it works for me. Any clues on which stations it will be allowed to be mounted on? Im pretty sure it can only be mounted on 2 or 10.
  10. Hi all First question which version(s) of the GBU-38 will be modeled? Just the 1 or will the 4 be modeled as well? The 4 would come in handy for CAS mission with troops "danger close" Second will we have a sniper pod for scanning/lazing? Third which types of 30mm will we have? HEI/AP/TP? or will we be limited to 1 kind? Thanks guys!
  11. HMMM Well to answer a few questions 1 yes the A-10C fly's the 65E, I want to say the A model could too. If you can fly one model of 65s you can fly them all. As far as what the point of a 65E is. Its simple a more reliable 65. Mavs are bad at tracking targets. So now you have a guy on the ground laze the target and you get a better hit rate. Just for the record I am a weapons troop on A-10Cs currently in Afghanistan
  12. Hmm saying something sucks cause you cant figure it out is a bit childish dont you think? Anyway reread the part on TWS and STT. And rewatch the tutorial. trust me this planes is one of the best A/A fighters. You cant go wrong with 8 AMRAAMs.
  13. YYY= distance from you. And Pop Up means they just appeared,
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