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  1. Pity this will become abandonware in few updates till an official module release. Before you ask... this is just a fast conversion of file names and structure of a MFS skin from here: https://flightsim.to/file/14515/indiafoxtecho-mb339pan-shark-ficticia-fictional
  2. Shouldn't this thread be moved and stickied on the Mods sub forum of the Mods subforum where all planes are? (Actually why is this subforum so uncategorized after so many years is still a mystery, Planes, Vehicles, Ships, Utils, Wishlist, Chitchat,... oh well)
  3. As a owner of Yak-52 module I think it's time or ED to consider making this module free alongside TF-51 and Su25T. Maybe people that fly it for free will be incentivized to buy some more modules that would in turn fuel a bit better the development than waiting for some milestone in sales to continue it.
  4. Not completely. As the first post on thread say this mod is not supported anymore so... you can delete it and maybe wait for the plane to be released as a payware module in DCS. Or buy it for MFS.
  5. +1 clouds are bad in VR. probably they need some work/effort/time/money for a good result and probably ED doesn't have yet a good solution for both problems. For clouds they are fuzzy objects and seen in VR they might be flickering badly on edges if quality would be forced on ultra, probably because the edges might not be the same fuzziness everywhere for both eyes. Same with the rain drops... objects with a lot of refraction and very close to the eyes so a lot of problems if they don't work well due to increased depth effect at that range. When I see such problems I usually start with
  6. I see you have the same question on two planes that are totally having joystick axes for throttle. It must be a problem at your end for this coincidence to happen. Try removing the folders for these two mods (ONLY FOR THEM!) from Config\Input from DCS folder from Saved Games then restart DCS.
  7. what do you mean? I have two axis. what pls?
  8. I hope the crashes are fixed because this morning... after another "windows update" Hercules 6.4 started to crash DCS after loading and clicking fly. --- edit it seems to work now with 6.5. Not sure if it was windows or something else got corrupted in 6.4 over the night while PC was Off... But I saw an earlier post about an update being pushed because of a Windows Updated inflicting crash. Also, nice to see textures now have mip-maps... my favorites . I was ready to check and redo them but seems not necessary. Cool!
  9. Thanks for the tip. It works not only out of steam but you can close Oculus app too. nice! Worth mentioning. Right click on that icon in tray WHEN CONNECTED IN QUEST TO THE VD! Otherwise is grayed out.
  10. This is one of the favorite trainers of mine. On par with T-38 Talon. Too bad is not really finished. One week ago they flew over the beach in my town and I missed them. darn... :)
  11. Would it be better/possible to have the Mods Forum Part arranged in a manner that all the WIP, Proposals, Wishes, Abandoned, Unfinished mods be in the main section called "Mods and Apps" and only the finished or usable mods and utils be allowed to stay in the subsection called "DCS mods" ? As we have it now is just a mess. Mods are placed in both parts with no logic and many times duplicated threads are started even by people that have no link with the development of that particular Mod. It's a good start that we have the most used or the best ones stickied but still the order and ease
  12. +1 (just testing it this weekend) same bug when pressing Switch side on F14.
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