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  1. Hi there, About the x-56 incredibly stiff throttles - This is because a cheap adhesive gel was injected into the moving parts underneath the shell, with no control as to how much was injected. As a gel when cold it is very stiff, and you will have to warm it up by massaging the throttles every time you want to use it. Not only before, but frequently during any session, because it only takes a few seconds to cool down again. It also creates an uneven friction accross the range of movement as the gel balls up and rolls between the plastic surfaces, making the fine control requi
  2. I changed my password this late last night / early this morning yes, from a manual request initiated by me due to the worry that this attack caused. In hindsight perhaps I should not have done that, but it was late and I had to go to bed. When I tried to use my new password today it was not accepted, 3 times to make sure I was making no mistake. I had to reset and change it again. I have also just changed my DCS password again just to be sure. Hopefully that is the end of it, I just wanted to relay my experience in case it might be of some help to you. Cheers.
  3. Password changed this morning, not by me. Would have posted in my thread but for some reason it is closed. When I tried to log in this morning my password was not accepted. I followed the normal process to reset and change it yet again. I see a message regarding an attack and that the attacker has been blocked with no accounts affected. Just like to point out that mine was. Thanks.
  4. I just changed it myself to be sure. Look at the email source, it was the same in the spurious one. I'm guessing some kind of server glitch.
  5. Hi, I just received a password change request email from you. Only... I never asked to change my password. Is someone trying to hack my account?
  6. Don't mind when it comes, the vital component to any decent creation is; time. It's a day one purchase for me no matter what. I can wait :thumbup:
  7. Scratch that I need to buy a new one now!:megalol: My trusty old laptop is getting more and more stressed by the newest gaming software. So, 4.2GHz water cooled 8-core incoming :pilotfly: (it's been coming for a while, if you look at my spec in my signature.)
  8. Now there is an idea. Email sent :thumbup: [edit] OMG that was quick! Thanks Leatherneck Simulations, now I got to convince my friend to buy a new PC.
  9. Aha that's how you get back on the list, thanks. Its irrelevant now I just purchased a key full price, with no regrets. I appreciate Leathernecks intention to honor the original backers, but I would feel bad. :thumbup:
  10. OK thank you kindly for the explanation. I will now purchase another key.
  11. So, I have not been frequent in these forums since 2011 when I joined. It appears that from the original indiegogo fundraiser I backed back in July 2012 my money did not go to the team who have actually produced this product? Could someone explain where that money went? I will gladly donate or buy a 2nd key or whatever as I believe in supporting software developers, any advice?
  12. It was so long ago I backed this project, indiegogo sounds familiar but to be absolutely honest I can't remember. Can't find any email receipts either now I'm a little worried... [edit] Aha phew just checked my indiegogo account and the pledge is there, phew..
  13. :helpsmilie:I see someone had my idea before me... :thumbup: I shall take a look at these files and see how you approached it. I went with zones for gates to be activated in order, and I have a mission 75% complete for 8xP51Ds, 15 gates etc. The problem I have is it is taking a long time to create 400+ triggers but I have done most and testing it is working well. I made it so each aircraft uses 3 flags, 1 lap counter, 1 gate counter and 1 penalty counter. If you miss a gate in sequence it adds to the penalty counter, if you miss more than 1 in sequence (or go back to the previous gate) or miss
  14. Sweet, thanks. It seems I was just being impatient. :doh: Regards, Sam.
  15. OK, again sorry I have looked through various threads, I am trying to find out what the rule is for engaging auto-hover. It seems as though it only works after I've been flying around for a while, I.e if I trim the Ka50 in a 'non auto-hover' 10+ meters above the ground, the HUD will never change to show my airspeed and the auto-hover just cancels the AP channels. Only after getting up some forward speed does the HUD start to show airspeed after which point I can slow down and engage the auto-hover. What exactly is the rule for engaging it? I saw something about doppler navigation but when d
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