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  1. Another IAF skin for DCS Mig 21 - bis How about this another one from IAF ( Indian Air Force )? This Mig is used by the Armaments testing establishment of IAF.
  2. Hello All, I am facing a perticular issue locking the TORs or any targets if they are hidden in cluster of buildings...not that i can't identify them, but the AGM target designator jumps to the buildings and locks them instead of the vehicle or SAM...its really hard to control this thing. Its perticularly an issue with D (long range IR) versions. Please help. Zoltar
  3. Thanks all of you for your help. The NVidia driver updates along with a LO re-install solved the issue. I am all set :pilotfly: Zoltar
  4. So you are suggesting a driver update from NVidia? Where are these settings about the drivers can be looked at?
  5. I have put the AA and AF settings as application controlled in the NVidia control panel.
  6. These are my values..but still problem persists LandLodDistances { LandDay { L01 = 30000; L12 = 40000; } LandNight { L01 = 30000; L12 = 40000; } My system specs are CPU Core 2 Duo E6550 @ 2.33 GH, NVidia 8600 GT and 2 GB RAM @ 800 MHz with Samsung 19" LCD. Zoltar
  7. I have attached the screenshots. The first one is my over all graphic configuration. The second one is to denote there is some issue with my resolution, you can see the distorted contours, the third one is about a white line appearing at the edge of land and water and fourth is the way runway looks. I think there is a bigger problem here. Zoltar
  8. Hello All, I have re-installed my LOFC and put the graphics setting to "High" just to check how much Frame Rate i am getting. After that i reset it back to "Medium" accepting the defaults put by LO. Now whenever i approach the runway during my FAF, i don't see the familiar white runway strip with center line and tyre marks. All i see is a white strip...well i can still land on it :music_whistling:..its just i don't understand what went wrong. Please help Zoltar
  9. Thanks S77th-konkussion.I found the solution on CH forum.
  10. i have brand new CH Pro thorttle. I used the same driver CD for the joy stick. Does that not help? Do i have to download the one for CH combatstick seperately.
  11. Hello folks, I have bought a brand new CH Pro throttle and "used" combatstick and "used" pedals. The pedals haven't arrived yet, but the stick and throttle arrived yesterday. I found that stick is having hyper sensitivity for left side on X axis and on lower side on Y axis. In other words the a/c rolls vigourously to left compared to right and pitches up to great extent compared to pitching down for similar stick movements. Is it a calibration issue? Driver/USB port issue? Or I have made a mistake by going in for a "used" one . Please help. Thanks Zoltar
  12. I totally agree with NotiA10. If the goal is to just take out units, the only tactical flying left is to fly "kamikaze" missions and ram ur jet into the units causing destruction. But then where is the fun. The one who survives the day has chance to win the war next day. Just my thoughts...though ;)
  13. I was flying a practice mission for identifying and destroying convoys and with the help of RBKs wiped out 8 out of 10 tanks of a T-80 convoy. However, the remaining 2 tanks still pressed against the heavily defended enemy armour and BMP columns and attacked them. The result was expected as they got waxed in few seconds. I don't think such suicidal attempts are made in real life.. I think there should be some threshold where the attacking armour won't be effective and turn back especially against heavily defended targets like airbases, command centers or convoys which outnumber the attacker
  14. And how to do that??? Please let me know...so that i can also join the club of sick pilots and do some emergency landings :music_whistling:
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