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  1. Hi guys! Thank you for helping!!:thumbup: As I read at Mike´s website the Allegro a1301 seems to be best for this job. Do I have to mount the magnets in such a "u"-construction or can I just glue them to the outside of my steel axis (as shown in my pics) ? @ Gadroc: yes, I also thought about using 2 gearwheels and a chain between them to gear the rotation angle up... but there could be play between all this mechanical parts, so is there any other option? Verto
  2. Hello evrybody! I'm about to build a collective (and rudders) for my own little sim-pit. The construction itself is nearly finished, but I really don't know which hall-sensor I should use. The collective beam rotates a steel axis, on that 2 magnets are mounted. I attached some pics - hope you get the idea! (And I have Leo Bodnars BU0836 usb-card and the Ultimarc A-Pac usb-card.) If anybody knows which sensor to use, pleeeeeease help! Thanks a lot, Verto
  3. Are the localization teams also working on a german BS2 version? Greetings, Steven
  4. Wie der Titel schon sagt, frage ich mich, ob denn schon ein termin für die deutsche Version bekannt ist. Und wirds i-wann auch eine boxed- oder DVD-Variante geben? Grüße, Verto
  5. Hello! Nice idea of this thread, although there´re already some of this topic. I hope it will be read by the devs! BS2 is a big improvement at all:thumbup: (dynamic regional wether:worthy:)- should be happy with it, but I still have some wishes: 1. A pilot in cockpit like in BS1 2. Possibility to get in/out the helo anytime (on ground) 3. collisionable trees that´s all for now:) Verto
  6. One of my biggest wishes is to have the possibility to get out/in the helicopter. (of course when he is on ground:) ) The cold start procedure could then begin staying as pilot in front of the airport´s tower. You walk to your shark, make a preflight check of the airframe and get in... would be quite realistic! Verto
  7. Hi all! :thumbup:What a brilliant surprise!!:thumbup: Quick question: Is there any difference or installing problem with BS1 version 1.0.1 ? And if the german version is already in work: Any idea of a release date for it? Verto
  8. Is there any difference to BS1 version 1.0.1 ? Or does it behave like the mentioned version 1.0 ? Verto
  9. Should already be possible! But only visible from outside. => There is a mod called kind of "DCS Black Shark deutsche Piloten" (found in the lockon forum) Therefrom you'll get some templates for the pilot uniform that you can see from outside cockpit. draw a fishnet instead of the helmet, and ready ! But unfortunately it does not change inside view...
  10. Hi together! Does anybody know how to change the pilot uniform in the cockpit? I supposed it to work with the /Effects/TempTextures - Folder, where you can find a bitmap of the uniform. But changing it does not exchange the pilot in game...:hmm: Already Thanks for help Steven
  11. If somebody will read this after some years of silence: In which download is the lamp included or where can I download it from? I´m really glad about some people making objects for airfields - they are so empty! :thumbup: Greetings, Verto
  12. Hi! I tried to extract the .trk files for a hundret times with different software.:( But actually not WinZip. Is there another programm (freeware?), that can manage this? Greetings, Steven
  13. yes, I mean this by saying that I leave their freq - sry. Oh, ok now I unedrstand: They say "Hey what r ya doing?", because I taxi away with their com.-cable still plugged to the heli, right? very real !:thumbup:
  14. Hi all! First my radio communication works just fine (BS 1.0.1)!:) But does anybody know how to avoid, that ground crew says "Hey, what are you doing?" after I rearmed, refueled... Actually I leave their frequency before I start taxiing again, but if I stay at the ground freq I always hear this sentence.:dontgetit:
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