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  1. Would not the manufacturer have an absolute maximum and a operational maximum limited by the FCS? Could those two numbers be equivalent? I highly doubt it. The MiG-25 info I posted recorded a maximum of 11 gs, exceeding the operational limit, but not the maximum structural since the aircraft returned to base iintact.
  2. Well, GG, if that is true and 9 is a nominal structural limit, then the Eagle must return for maintenance requiring airframe repair all the time. Perhaps the Eagle is G-limited to 9 but manufactured structurally for 12...this I do not know as I don't have the manufacturer's design information. The MiG-25 info I posted in another thread recorded it pulling 11+ gs during training :confused: poor pilot but they wrote off the airframe when the plane landed.
  3. quote=Sundowner.pl I have to disagree with you, the rotating blades give a very strong echo, and can be seen by radar from long ranges, a helo like Mi-8 have RCS of the rotor itself in 8m^2 range (6 or less for new composite ones). This is highly logical. If one has ever been exposed to an Electro-magnetic test environment and observed, in an Electro-magnetic chamber, mechanical stirrer in operation, a parallel can be drawn for rotor blades of course revolving at a much higher revolution but still slower than the speed of light. In prinicple, the rotor blades would be the equivalent of
  4. Goya, lol what are you describing here? Is this how you feel about the F-15? I would hate to read your description of the MiG-29 :p
  5. I think if I have provided anything within this thread it is certainly a counter opinion to this so I am clueless as to your comment. ;)
  6. What does that have to do with the price of tea in China or the XBox 360 in Japan? Point I made was simple: The notion of the invincible and/or the untouchable is a fallacy as applied consistently by many to military aviation. To that order, the notion of stealth somehow ruling the skies is as plausible to the Klingons stealthing their Birds of Prey to avoid detection. Last I recall in those episodes, didn't someone find a way to detect them anyway. Of course that is television at it's best but the prinicple applies in earnest here. Nonetheless, the number of SAMs shot is irrelevant since t
  7. I am sure the same general malaise was spoken of the U-2 program. If you fly high enough, the Soviets can't touch you, they don't have the technology or capability. I am also sure Mr. Powers, while sipping his afternoon tea and marvelling at the curvature of the earth, was awaken sharply to find some very large exploisons going off near and ahead of his aircraft. It was only then Mr. Powers knew he was not dreaming that his feet hit terra firma and the sound of Soviets surrounding him was enough to put that premenition to rest. The whole reason the SR-71 and later spy satellites were d
  8. That is possibly a good reason... I do know the Navy is working on a Helmet Mounted Sight and they have demonstrated at the test range they can point-n-shoot an AIM-9...this looks promising. You do sound awfully biased and higly opinionated against Russian technology???? "unlike aircraft whose radar sucked?" That is a stretch to home plate...
  9. If so, then why haven't manufacturers and the Military required it be employed on all aircraft?
  10. quote=GGTharos Actually ... yes, it will. That's its purpose. I am not convinced IRSTs are notoriously short ranged in the forward quarter. I think there are some gross misconceptions as to just how much the leading edges heat up in high altitude supersonic flight and just how much atmosphere inhibits IRSTs. Sure they are by nature of the eminating source being small. Smaller, at times, than background radiation and effective to a certain distance. If the F-22 is gonna supercruise at over Mach 1, I think there will be quite a bit of IR radiation. Just my opinion. No, the
  11. Didn't know that as I haven't studied the aircraft. Is that classified info?
  12. Yeah, it has 2 IRST systems? I was wondering when the US would catch up with the Soviets in the use of that tech. Well playing field is a bit more even now, eh? I heard the Soviets borrowed the concept from the Bell Cobra and mad a practical IRST system that is usable.... can anyone cofirm this?
  13. Well, the laws of physics are certainly not somehow manipulated to the advantage of stealth technology either GG. It is my opinion that completely inhibiting B & H field electromagnetic radiation is impossible, there will still be leakage. There is no technology that prohibits total external reflection either. The RCS may be reduced to the size of a bird on radar, but that doesn't mean it will be filtered to noise levels either. The F-22 itself will be radiating high frequency E-Mag energy from its' own radar to search for aircraft. EWRs will be alive even if the F-22 is also attempt
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