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  1. Т-72 добавили, он только для ИИ? Не получилось покатать
  2. Ну хотя бы такой прицельчик 1П23 наныть выпросить)))
  3. Надысь пришлось пострелять из Мста-С, невозможно выставить правильно удаление, и пеленг, слишком грубые шкалы. И второе, меряю в редакторе дальность до цели, а прицел вычислителем ставится гораздо меньше, метров на 500.
  4. Operation Homs translated to RU. ) Operation Homs.RU.docx
  5. wow wow) too much burned chairs here) First of all I wanna to apologize for myself personally and for my teammates if we ruins the game totally yesterday. 2nd. I wanna say big thanks for Alpenwolf for interesting missions and good server. Really appreciate it! Thanks! 3rd. We respect any server rules, but yesterday that was some minor mismatch). No problem here - rules changed and SRS required for GCI espesially. There is no problem. Zero tolerance for rulebreaker. That only way to keep all on track as designed. Teamwork is the only way to win. Im think that there no any other opinion.
  6. ROSS_BerryMORE, RED CGI (Russian. limited English speaking capability)
  7. Definitely yes, Is the both side will have equal possibilities or there will be simulated real featers for sides? As rasas I remember, ED have plans to make Air defense network itself.
  8. ROSS_BerryMORE, ROSS_Harkonenn RED, rain
  9. Извините, а Вы настраивали КРД?
  10. It will be awesome if we can switch not only format of coordinates, but also distance and height. But please didn’t tie it to aircraft, as for GCI as example. LAlt-Y for coordinates LShift-Y for distance, height, speed, etc
  11. ROSS_BerryMORE GCI (badly English speaking)
  12. Could you please explain is the next idea will work for OAP? I’m wanna make SPI (point 40) and quickly change aim point for WMD just enter bearing and distance using OAP on UFCP.
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