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  1. I noticed that, putting a waypoint on the TACAN station, the descent point is different. At 9 ° on the waypoint I arrive on the ground, while from tacan, at 5000 ft (same rate).
  2. Hi, I confirm your reply. I made a mistake! Cool! Thanks!
  3. It was a coincidence, I don't remember. I'll check later and let you know.
  4. In the ME it's possible to put ground units on sea
  5. What's your speed? Maybe you are too slow. Try at 300 or 350 kts At 250 kts I had the same problem with the SLAM-ER. The missile didn't have enouth initial speed
  6. Hi Eric, this could help you. https://wiki.hoggitworld.com/view/DCS_command_eplrs Bye
  7. Hi guys, I have the same problem as imacken. (since many weeks). I have "SLAM" box crossed always, also when time is lower than 7:30. than, in HUD i see IN RNG, I can fire it, but always crossed Emibat
  8. Hi, it could be very useful have a transcription of radio communications in kneeboard for VR players, such as JTAC coordinate or Carrier information. Bye Emi
  9. Easy...?? :') try this https://wiki.hoggitworld.com/view/DCS_mission_editor and learn it using tutorial in youtube. For any question, use the forum editor thread where many people can help you.
  10. Hi guys, when I drop a GBU-31 in TOO mode to a rwy in Shiraz, I noted that when I release the weapon as soon "IN RNG", the bomb fails and miss the target. If I drop the GBU later, between the minimum and the maximum Launch Range, the impact point is correct. Is this a BUG? Bye test shiraz.miz
  11. Thanks, I will try. :thumbup:
  12. Hi, I think now it's not possible, following to an update made in November. (you could do it in the past but not now). When you enter the coordinates of a second station, this will change the coordinates of the first one. You can only enter 2 coodinate TOO1 and TOO2 in a only one station. Release the two bombs and select two more coordinates in TOO1 and TOO2 of another station. etc ...etc... (Look the Chuck Guide in Mudspike is very useful).
  13. Me too. I can't use AV-8 from Tarawa. Player or AI both the same. Not from Ramp. Only from Runway.
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