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  1. May be you can put a small moving zone (moving with carrier) on Elevator2 and check player is inside zone, and player speed 0
  2. I think you can get them from the debrief in single player and log file in multiplayer
  3. Thank you ED for fixing this. Now some friends are able to join again:thumbup:
  4. "DCS World Added check for SSE 4.1 support Known issues DCS does not work on PCs with AMD processors that do not meet the minimum requirements of AMD FX" Do we understand it is an issue the team is still working to fix? I hope it does not mean this processors (and people) are going to be left out.
  5. It would be nice to have voice commands recognition included into the Voice Chat ED is developing, so we would be able to deliver commands (my idea is radio commands) just talking through voice chat, a little bit like voice attack does now, but inside the game
  6. I have been there too. Now I can plug at first try most of the times and keep there till I finish. And most of the trip was getting to stay hooked for more than 10 secs. Then, things get better quickly. What I did is practice some time everyday. It doesnt matter if you do well or not. To succesfully refuel you need 2 things. One, to have a feeling which trajectory the basket must doo in your cockpit so you gey into it. Second, a muscle memmory of how much you have to move your stick and throttle to keep position or move a little. Both skills need a little time to build up, but when y
  7. Thanks, GB and Lex Always nice to read your posts!
  8. Watching this video I have a doubt. Is there no working IFOLS on the carrier port side anymore? Is it just the popup thing?
  9. My 2 cents. Although I appreciate the effort ED is doing to keep us informed, I do not like the hornet being taken out of EA with so many features missing. I am afraid they will never be finished this way. I must say I specially appreciate Matt Wagner's posts and videos. If we have to choose, I would have the plane finished first, new weapons and pod added later... I also find important the ability to fight at sea (SEA modes radar, HARPOON fixing) as water is a big portion of the maps and it seems it is gonna get bigger. I am also looking forward to some kind of aircraft and mis
  10. I think it is said somewhere that stars in DCS are correctly positioned, so the night sky we see is dead on. But it is very difficult for me to spot the very few constelations I am able to tell, because all stars look more or less the same, while in the real sky some stars are much more noticiable than others. Would it be possible to give a magnitude value to each star so it would resemble a little more the real aspect of night sky? It would be awwesome to fly by stars at night!
  11. I think the inmortal option in your logbooks just keeps your record open in case you die. To become invulnerable in a mission, you have to edit that mission and set your aircraft to invulnerable
  12. Will the island air turbulence landing bubble be modelled? IIRC it was on the list at the beginning. Thanks
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