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  1. Amazing, outstanding patch ED. Very well done. Bravo!
  2. Great campaign. I was waiting very long for something like this. I bought it at day one. Ofcourse there are some known issues with trigger zones not showing up and messages for VR are too long but overall it's fun even in this state. However I've found couple small other issues too. In the end of first two missions marshal gives me case III holding (21 DME / Angel 6) opposite heading to FB which is very close to the hills in proximity of Batumi, some dangerously high for the lowest stack (especially in the night time). Shouldn't we get holding with offset from final bearing? P
  3. No, I haven't :). Thank you very much Flappie - that was it. :thumbup:
  4. I've got weird problem. For some reason I can't choose S-3 Viking in ME. It's present in ENCYCLOPEDIA and missions made by others. I haven't messed with any mods at all but S-3 has just gone after DCS Open Beta patch. Repair of any kind doesn't solve this issue. Anyone knows how to fix it without reinstalling whole DCS? :helpsmilie: dcs.log
  5. I must admit the trailer is outstanding! :O
  6. I love when ppl defend that this is Open Beta - you should expect problems. Yeah, this is OPEN (!) beta, not closed beta! I expect problems but not so many game braking bugs. We've paid for it, not being paid for testing. Stable is also not quite far from open beta state. It's full of bugs too.
  7. Are you looking for them in Hornet section?
  8. LSO grading is also my concern as well as many, many people I know form virtual navy squadrons.
  9. Hype train already ran off the track after yesterday micro-update...
  10. Not at all. We're still too early to demand some mini-updates, many months too early to worry about.
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