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  1. I hear you, maybe, just maybe some of us can get a pack together... but it's a hell of work to create those objects, and even more painfull since the models do allready exist in DCS. What i wonder about is, did you guys from ED created those objects with 3D Studio? and if yes, do you still have the 3D max files.. that would at least make it all a bit easier so not everything need to be done from scratch! Maybe it's also possible for ED to ask 3rd party developers if they can render some buildings for the ME, since the syria map also include alot of nice office and airba
  2. right, for now i mostly talk about buildings, we need new buildings for the ME, offices from nevada map, shelters, Airbase housings.. small buildings, light poles and stuff. They all pretty good.. we got enough vehicles, i only talk about buildings.
  3. I hear you, but the objects are there allready.. should not be to hard to render a few as edm, somehow they must be edm allready or something similar since its all working inside DCS, i know that each terrain contains of a very big file.. "surface" file.. All we got is hope,and i think creating another aircraft from scratch is really harder to do, plus in my opinion there're way to many available aircrafts allready.. it's just to much.. and the rest get left behind..
  4. Thanks, i would love too, the problem is i need to update everything and this will take time and work to do it.. all this don't work with the latest version of DCS anymore.. if we all could push ED a bit more we would get a lot that we need allready...
  5. I got plenty more, but due to the latest version some objects have trouble with the light, fixing this should not be the biggest problem. I created some invicible object that can be placed on all the light tower on every Airbase, so the jets and all objects will illuminate, it's also something ED has yet not done. Here's a example..
  6. Yes, the objects are allready there, they just need to implement them into the ME and everything is fine. Having the speed trees too would be very great too but probably impossible. Anyway the objects are a must, looking at the Nevada map, there's everything we need. Speaking of Nellis AFB.. i started to create objects for it but the lack of time makes it all difficult
  7. No news as far as i can tell, sad to hear, anyway. Do someone have some newer type buildings as static objects and civil cars, I'm not talking bout the civil vehicle mod i allready got this one, I'm talking bout 1 or 2 simple civil cars, sport cars, regular cars whatever.. and building, offices, houses.. some stuff. Please no WW2 stuff ... All the best, lets keep this alive... !!!
  8. Hawkeye messaged me, give it some time then i'll show you when its all done if it works out..
  9. Thanks Hawkeye, PM sended, if someone else wanne chime in...
  10. Hey folks, shoort question, is it possible to place a camera inside a driving verhicle, like a cockpit view where i can look around?. I'm not talkin bout the free camera F11. I need this for a decent mission and video. the "driving a car" type camera. Thanks
  11. Any news about this, with so many maps it should be pretty easy to update the structure/static Object list.
  12. Hi, pretty similar to my latest thread Long story shoort, they don't need to work on it, all the buildings, homes, shelters, small stuff, fences and much much more is allready there, just check the persian gulf/nevada map. All they need to do is add most of those buildings to the ME static Object list, is that simple Plus they could give us a simple option ro "draw" speed trees across the map. It's all there allready, no textures or models needed, just the simple code to add all that to the ME PLEASE ED.. I'm tyred of building models.. it takes ages... and after some updat
  13. It's been a while since i posted something. To make it shoort, thanks for all the modules but i think the focus should be on different stuff regarding DCS to make this simulation more realistic. ED, please update the Static Object List cause its extremely outdated, there are tons of nice Shelters, buildings, houses, Airbase Buildings like offices etc. It should be very easy for ED to update the static Object list inside the ME so we can use those buildings. Yes i know about Virpil and all that but i'm tyred of mods not working after updates. I've created some buildings myself a
  14. Thanks alot, i also figured out that if you set the speed to zero between 2 waypoints it will also work, the longer the distance between those 2 waypoints the longer it will take. but stop condition is way easier, the condition window is empty right, only hold and setting a time on stop position right?, will try it later. Thanks again
  15. Hi, got a question about waypoints and "hold position", or something similar For example: A firetruck should go to a position that i choose with waypoints on an airbase when flight operations begin in the morning. It should for example go to waypoint 5, and stay there for, lets say 2 hours, then it should continue its waypoints to waypoint 8. (Driving back to the Airbase fire department for example) How can i do this, if possible i wanne avoid trigger zones. Thanks a lot
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