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  1. i realise this is now an old game as such but im having serious problems with finding a decent profile for my X45 and Black Shark. any help would be appreciated thanks in advance
  2. MMMMM??? I think you might be right about the name....not sure on the release date tho!
  3. WOOHOO its working again!! all thanks to this post http://forum.lockon.ru/showthread.php?t=7534&page=1&pp=10&highlight=startup and thanks to everyone that tried to help. damn ace mega codecs pack!!
  4. tried that and thanx but it still doesnt work...it gets to the radio chatter intro but still hangs with no splah screen
  5. i dont think its a graphics problem as lock on works well, and have u got a link for LOMAN please
  6. tried still hangs, but when i reinstall and run it goes to the activation screen, allows me to activate then hangs!
  7. unfortunately still no joy having turned my firewalls off and directly connecting to my modem ie not throught the router
  8. P4 2.8Ghz 1.5 Gb memory G-force 5600xt 256 8xagp Windows XP pro SP2
  9. having re installed LOMAC and F C with clean installs, when i try to run it hangs before it gets to the splashscreen, when i look in Task Manager it says the program is not responding. any help appreciated
  10. still waiting for a reply! and its now 19/9/05 so i guess its a case of 'you buy, we forget our customers!'
  11. tried still waiting for a reply! but then again it only been a week!!
  12. could any one help me as i keep getting this message:- Attention! • Activation failed. The limit of activations for this Serial Number has been exceeded. Please, try again with a new Serial Number.
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