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  1. Cool series! Keep it up! Some incredible squadrons out there, many with a LONG history :D
  2. OH LAAAAAAAAAAWD! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :thumbup:
  3. Viper39! This tool is continuing to impress me more and more every time I use it! Truly amazing! I have a feature request! I would really like the ability to do more than one LOS Calculation at a time pretty please! This is important for when trying to brief a SAM Network Coverage pattern across a much greater distance with multiple radars. For example, with my work IRL we created a coverage map for our wireless internet http://conpoint.com/maps/ . as you can see, multiple points with a radius of 7 miles are calculated. Extrapolating this to a EW/SAM radar network for a mission would be greatly appealing :D
  4. Rest in peace Igor. Thank you for decades of fun and the incredible foundation you helped create.
  5. So sad :( Witnessed his helpfulness and joy for the sim on quite a few occasions. Thoughts and prayers to his family and friends.
  6. If you select CAS as the role, and the Tu-22 is in the list of aircraft, then yes! :)
  7. Great stuff! I sense more Viggen time in my logbook :P
  8. Thank you so much Cobra and Heatblur! Its been an incredible journey so far! Truly an honor to be able to lend my voice to one of my favorite aircraft! Now back to more recording :P
  9. absolutely! Its more meant to just let run on a dedicated server. As long as the 2 to 4 A10's help take care of covering the friendly forces along the front at the start of the mission, the server can run for quite a while and you can just keep requesting side missions.
  10. Turn the radar on! then do 666 lol you'll see Hal9000 then :P
  11. They're pretty much the same, I think some WP errors in the briefing images were fixed IIRC
  12. There was a slight mixup with versioning during the release, but will be included in a later patch with the sim. But I figured we should release them on the forums here so that everyone can enjoy them in the mean time if ya'll are needing some missions to fly! Grimes and myself made these missions for the release, so here they are! Enjoy!!! They are zipped up, so you will need to unzip them. Grays Missions Updated.rar Grimes Missions.rar
  13. how on earth do I embed the video to the first post of the youtube replay lol, just doing the youtube brackets around the link doesnt work?
  14. Jesus LOL!!!! no pilots, the possible special guest is undoubtedly a person. :)
  15. Yes! At times we will most likely ask if the audience has any questions and one of us will select the best ones.
  16. Hello everyone! I write this to inform my fellow DCS pilots of a stream event going on this coming Sunday the 22nd on my channel here - https://www.twitch.tv/graywo1f This stream, will feature the AJS-37 Viggen doing what she does best! Flying fast and low in the weeds, skirting enemy air defenses and striking deep within enemy territory. So, join us! This Sunday at 1:30pm central time US (time calculator link below) as we fly and showcase the DCS: AJS-37 Viggen with some missions that will be included in the release. We'll also chat with Einstein about the wonderful Mudspike community. Guests on the stream will be: Graywo1f – Your host, long time mission designer, ED partner/tester, former Virtual Blue Angel, Voice Talent for DCS. Grimes – Mission editor guru, lua god, SLmod and MIST mastermind, and co-creator of the missions releasing with Viggen. EinsteinEP – Co-founder of the wonderful website http://www.mudspike.com, a great community featuring forum discussions, reviews, blogs and opinion pieces, and well as really cool After Action Reports about all sorts of sim games out there. Matt Wagner – Eagle Dynamics And possibly another special guest….. Details Stream - https://www.twitch.tv/graywo1f Time of stream – 1:30pm central US [click here for time converter!] Still time to pre-order the Viggen! https://www.heatblur.com https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com REPLAY OF LIVESTREAM
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