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  1. this fixed it for me as well. Also had to bump the gamma setting a bit, but now very flyable. the only thing I have now, is when using the night vision goggles there is also an overlay. I’m not talking about the blur (which is as i understand how it should be) but it is a layer on top of that, which is also locked to the vr headset. To me it feels the same as the issue with the night view. Anybody know if there is a fix for the NVG as well?
  2. Hey all, I have developed a new kneeboard app for iOS and Android and later also as a windows app. This is a rewrite from my original app yawc which was only for iPad and only had content for the A10C. yawc iOS App In this new app I have setup the content so that it is possible to have checklists for multiple aircraft. Version 1 does not yet contain all the content yawc had but I realy wanted to get this version out and get some feedback. Currently I have added an A10-C and a UH-1H checklist. The idea is that checklists are configu
  3. @markturner1960 on this link, find “to enable motion reprojection”, below that there is a video explaining how to enable it. For me reprojection didn’t work until I did these steps. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/mixed-reality/enthusiast-guide/using-steamvr-with-windows-mixed-reality also I think you should try out going back to 90 hz and enable the reprojection always to get a steady 45 fps. This can hopefully result in a good experience. it does for me.
  4. Question, I now have the mouse coupled to my headset en look were I want to click. the issue I am having now is that the pointer is slightly high in my center of view causing me to have to look more down to reach certain buttons. is there a way to move that center a bit more down using a lua file?
  5. Thanks, that sounds great. but I was actually wondering if one could have a native windows app open while using DCS, position it in 3D and also interact with it using the mouse.
  6. hey all, I’ve ordered a G2 and was wondering if it is possible to show a desktop app in VR (as kneeboard) while in DCS and also interact with it? thanks.
  7. Hi, can you put me on the list please. thanks.
  8. Hey friends, This week I got an email from one of our fellow simmers asking if I could update yawc since it wasn’t working anymore on the latest version of iOS. It was a bit a trip down memory lane. It has been quite a while since I looked at this app and I was surprised it was still used. Today I created an update so that it will continue to work. I hope it will be available later this week. This led me also to take a look at how many users yawc still has. I was surprised to learn that past month the app still had ~100 active users. How cool! Working on the update I was confronte
  9. Ah, ok. Thank you for clarifying :thumbup:
  10. This I don’t understand. How does 17,17,112 relate to -0.36, 0.22, 0, 1 from the post above? I also don’t get the negative values. What does that offer more than the regular 0/255 - 255/255 rgb values. I have tried to make the green just a bit darker by using 0, 180/255, 0, 255/255 which would be a slightly darker green. in this case I didn’t see a difference in green on the hud and it didn’t seem to work. But when doing 0, 0, 0, 1 it was black. It seems very straightforward but it confuses me quite a bit.
  11. Hi, Thanks for creating this. After some work I was able to get my A10-C in the air, only to find out I had no bombs :doh: back to the airfield, load up and off again. After starting an "easy - air to ground" mission. I could get the JTAC status, but was not able to contact JTAC using the comms menu. I'm a bit lost here and I'm not sure what I am doing wrong. Any hints? P.S. do I have to do something special to get my own skin working? I could select it in the loadout menu, but it didn't load the skin. (I created the skin in 2014-ish and getting back into the A10 now) tha
  12. Hi, Tigershark brought this thread to my attention regarding downloading yawc. The reason you're not finding the app is probably because you are searching on an iPhone in the app store. But since yawc is an iPad only app it will not be listed on the iPhone. You can find a link to the app in the first post of this thread http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=84739 If you have feature requests, you can post those in the same thread. enjoy!
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