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  1. I will definitely be watching this ~ I need to brush-up on my skills a bit more to be competitive. To ALL those in attendance. Good Luck. .
  2. I'm still DL'ing the Open Beta myself, but shouldn't the option to display English in the cockpit be a check-box in the options ~ not a separate DL ? .
  3. Awesome ! Thanx for all your efforts. This has become really handy for long breaks from the sim. .
  4. Welcome Back ~ Pizacato; welcome back old friend. I've just returned as well. Let's find some time to meet up and get reacquainted with the Sim. .
  5. Comrades ~ I'm a few Vodkas in ~ but is it still possible for OP to play the Black Shark "ONE" as a fresh install if they have the key ? When I reinstalled Black Shark 2, I had to install the 1st one and ran it for s**** and giggles. .
  6. Still Available ? Hope this finds you all well ~ Anyone know if this app is still available & if it works in the current build? TY in advance for any assist. .
  7. This may sound like a smart *** answer ~ but maybe you don't HAVE wingmen in mission? .
  8. one tactic ~ This is a tactic I learned from back in my Janes Longbow & EECH days ~ Richard Hawley did a great graphic representation in one of the users-manuals; you turn towards the enemy fast-mover so that it makes the attack angle incredibly steep and cuts the time they have you as a target down considerably. This technique, couple with cover use to greatly add to my odds in survival in those sims. I hadn't flown a great deal of missions in BS2 before shelving it. I will have to give it a try some time down the road. .
  9. Wow ~ you went thru a lot of trouble to cite each time you've seen it. .
  10. Soon ... Its been a number of years since I've been able to engage in the flying & combat aspects of DCS sims; the other night I had to relearn the cold-start procedures. Give me a couple weeks and I'm in ~ I'm East Coast, U.S. I use to have the full HOTAS w/ TrackIR but had down-graded and number of years ago. I have to reacquire some gear. MMOs took over a great deal of time back in 2009; but w/ the lack of innovation in the genre for the last 7 years, I'm looking to come back. .
  11. ErJ ~ Have you given the 104th server a shot? I'm East-Coast as well; curious on the experience you've had with servers. I'm not into the "Fast-Movers" ~ mostly due to the fact that things just move too fast ... lol. Any feedback/review from a rotor-head perspective is appreciated. .
  12. Thank You, kindly, for all the effort you put into this. I'm a returning virtual-pilot and I'm quite rusty. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help get the site up and running a bit faster for you ~ I'm a n experienced developer. .
  13. Please forgive me; I've looked at the A-10 app prior to asking - BUT - Is this a tutorial device/app that lets allows interaction (IE: with those graphics) or does this connect to the PC somehow and allow use as another MFD?
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