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  1. I thank you both! Your script works: problem was the waypoint numbers. I works perfectly now, no sign of bug.
  2. Thank you so much for your help!! I'll have a go and I'll let you know!! Thanks!! OT: this was your 1000th post!!! congrats!!
  3. Found this; https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/english/digital-combat-simulator/dcs-world-2-5/bugs-and-problems-ai/ai-ad/207917-reported-ai-task-push-switch-waypoint-broken jeez; another bug
  4. Thanks; but it doesn't work. I calld the group that needs to switch "aggressors"; i edited your script to; SwitchWaypoint = { id = 'SwitchWaypoint', params = { fromWaypointIndex = 1, goToWaypointIndex = 2, } } Group.getByName('aggressors'):getController():setCommand(SwitchWaypoint) Conditions are ok, a i also set a text display when trigger is activated; text gets displayed, but the agressors do not change course.
  5. Hi, I would like to force a unit to head towards another waypoint, when the trigger is activated. The unit is en route to waypoint 1; I want to have it move to waypoint 2 as soon the trigger's activated; even though the unit hasn't reached waypoint 1 yet. can anyone help me please?
  6. lol editted my previous post since i noticed that too, lol
  7. also he does not seems to know the difference between: there's and theirs and also there and their....or they're for that matter For a pilot that shows a big lack of education in his own language, I'm Belgian, and english is like my third language, and even i know this difference...
  8. that's what i'm affraid of: externals are enabled, used them during recording; did some close-ground manoeuvres, of course, internal view and now i would like to enjoy this track, but the track saved it all like when i flew it. Is there any way to enable view switching in track playing???
  9. Posted in the screenshotforum bu no reaction so: http://forum.lockon.ru/showthread.php?t=10498 can anyone help? thx
  10. made a great track while going valley-riding with the mig29c. now this was my first track, and i came to the surprise to see that while replaying the track, i can't switch to external views. Is it possible?
  11. how do you install this skin?? is there a loman version around or can i make a loman version from it?
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