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  1. :joystick: The Video is in 4:3 - Dolby Digital 5.1. A10 Tank Killer Trailer THX ICE, Jack for the Skin & Rabbit for the FTP! Music - ZZ Top, Journey, Toto, Jean Michel Jarre & Kraftwerk. See you in the Sky
  2. Servus Urze, Dein Mode ist der helle Wahnsinn!
  3. Wau great, is the distance not to far away?
  4. Grandsurf, where is your Track IR, when you fly with Lock ON on Beamer Screen? Here is my Version with the Track IR holder. http://www.169thpanthers.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=457
  5. :joystick: Great RED FLAG! Thx for the good Flight togehter & the Mission Design!
  6. Wau nice Pictures, thx for your great Work! I was the F15 Nr. 32 - Red.
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