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  1. Same here. I do a Alt+F1 and its perfect. For me it's just dark enough to affect ground target spotting, especially in VR.
  2. Ya, kind of thought so. Thanks for the info.
  3. Hey all, Brand new to DCS World and all I have to say is WOW! I'm wondering... How do you get the external view missile sound impacts in your videos? My recording has sound of the impacting missile but some of the videos have extraordinary missile impact sounds (example) Growling Sidewinders videos? Is is a mod or a post processing trick? Thanks Fly2Lo
  4. Hi Sabre, I purchased Basic Flight Qualification and I've been working on passing HOP 9. Instrument Approach (Landing) Qualification but after flying some training missions, now when I go back to fly BFQ it takes me to Welcome to Western Georgia. Also it shows no mission success rate after being 75 for some time... its almost as the BFQ was restarted? Thoughts? Fly2lo
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