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  1. No, only Game flight is unchecked. Must I uncheck both? Btw, Lighting Panel may be avionics but every other assigned function in Real section isn't working unless assigned in Game section. For example landing gear and many other functions.
  2. None of the assigned buttons works in A-10C Real section even if I re-assign them, unless I assign the same funnction in Game section. But that's not possible because many of the Real functions aren't even in the Game section, hence Game and not Real. For example, here's the assigned buttons for the Lighting Panel in A-10C Real section. But still none of those works with or without the modifier (Pinky Lever). There aren't even a Lighting Panel in the A-10C Game section so how is this possible? Really need help with this.
  3. Unchecking Force Feedback solved it right away! Now I can actually fly the plane. Thank you!
  4. I'll try that tonight. I'll post it tonight.
  5. I know, I did that. Remapped everything in the A-10C Real section. Still doesn't work. That's the weird part.
  6. Even with the "Game mode" unchecked, which should mean I now play in Real mode, no control assignment for my Thrustmaster Warthog is working. Unless it happens to be assigned to a control/function in the A-10 Game mode controls (Options > Adjust controls). For example: I like to use the L/G WRN Silence button on the throttle quadrant to actually lower and raising the landing gear and not for silencing the landing gear warning sound, which is what the button originally is meant for. If that button is assigned in A-10C Real controls to lower and raising the landing gear, it won't work. I
  7. But it won't change in the actual forums, just in the main page. Do I have to send PM to a moderator?
  8. Firstly, I haven't played DCS A-10C for several years now (unfortunately). But I want to get back to it. I use a Thrustmaster Warthog as controller which are superb. Anyway. I just can't fly or have the chance to operate the systems or buttons in the A-10C because I need to counteract that the plane keeps climbing, even with lesser throttle. I you imagine the joystick being 45 degrees forward in it's final position, I need to hold the joystick about 15-25 degrees forward just to level the plane in order for it to not climb. It's ridiculous. What about trim assign? Well I've assigned Trim
  9. Yeah I agree, you think you can fly without the TrackIR but when you try it you won't fly without it because it improves the sim alot and you can enjoy it even more. I recommend TrackIR 5 though, it has a lot better resolution than TrackIR 4.
  10. The thing is that I have the following computerspecs (which i see as high-end) and I'm getting only around 12-15 FPS in a crowded airport. In the air it's ok, i get about 25-45 FPS. OS: Windows 7 (64-bit) Mobo: ASUS P8P67 WS Revolution B3 CPU: Intel Core i7 2600K @ 4.5GHz (with Noctua NH-D14 CPU-cooler) GPU: Radeon HD6990 (925 MHz/gpu-core and 1380MHz/memory) RAM: G.Skill Sniper 1866MHz 8GB HDD: OCZ SSD Vertex 3 MAX IOPS + Western Digital 1TB 7200rpm HDD How about you, how many FPS do you get in airports? I'm very interested!
  11. Hi, I patched my Steam versio nof teh DCS A10C yesterday and played for a coupel or hours yesterday. Today i noticed that some cloud textures are weird, like artifacts, though i have a new high-end computer and this appeared only today not before. I got all setting att high and i've edited some .cfg files to extend the viewdistance and some tree- and building count. No other mods at all. What's wrong with the game? Here are some pictures of the artifacts: (as you can see, some clouds are fine and some are terrible)
  12. Where do i download that? Do you have a link please for the full installer package?
  13. Yeah, but you still need to buy (pay) for the game even if you download it from ED directly in order for the game to start downloading. So you end up paying for 2 games. :doh:
  14. Next week?? FFS that long?? :cry: I bought the game from Steam so i could get updates automatically and fast and it was released before the boxed versions. Now it's being reversed, the game owners that bought DCS A10 from Steam is actually waiting LONGER than others. Ain't right m8! And i suppose i can't download the patch and install to Steam directory? (i know i'm desperate)
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