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  1. When YouTubers get advanced copies for reviews is when you know its close.
  2. Nope, Not yet. Well, It helps if you don't want to be the "Killed stuff" I'm in IT and a compter guy I should fit right in
  3. Nope the winder is on the top pointing at my elbow just like the picture. Most watches are made for the left hand with the winder pointing towards your hand but put it on your right hand and its backwards, kind of as the face is still correct, I just have to remove it if I need to wind it, which is why I don't buy watches that need winding. I've been told my entire life I'm wearing my watch on the wrong hand @#$@$%# Kind of depends on which hand you put it on.
  4. I wear my watches like that because I wear them on my right hand. Not that odd, at least for me.
  5. I also did the same years ago. I figured I'd give that 30% Steam took to ED instead so they could re-invest it in development of DCS.
  6. Just making sure you weren't expecting too much from a few weeks delay And you don't have to tell me about Early Access I'm just now about to crack open the manual for FA/18, I think it's finally ready to take seriously even though I bough it first day of EA . And in another year I'll look at the f-16 and in 2 years the AH-64D. Until then they're just zoom around modules . Happy flying
  7. You won't be getting that full complexity for quite sometime. :)
  8. Pretty sure I got rid of mine about 20 years ago. It was and I'm sure still a great stick. I currently have the 50lb Warthog versions Best stick I ever owned! Enjoy mapping the AH64.
  9. You still have a Cougar?
  10. Yep I flew it for few days no problem but lately its like my control stick is way down and to the left now.
  11. Shows Measure? THIS IS WAR not a cooking class! :joystick::pilotfly: Kamikaze if need be! lol
  12. Nice I see she has the new curved Props
  13. Delayed fusing is for the weak. Try releasing bombs earlier :)
  14. Thanks for the explanation
  15. I think he feels the opposite and that he shouldn't get an ok but worse. I don't think they are that strict like he points out in the video like when he was 100 over the 700 speed or he started his turn 2 seconds late etc etc. They only seem to care once you call the ball
  16. Never did a lot with mission editor until recently so can you tell me what a template is for and does? Thanks
  17. I will! I'll even do it in case III. I'm going crash into the back of the boat anyway might as well stress a little while I do it:joystick:
  18. The stack isn't the pattern (I think) telling them to kiss off just before you break left is supposed to make them also break but LATER so they keep their distance with each wing man breaking later than the one before . Its all in the manual
  19. the f-16 is also in open beta and is even less done than f18 and can't land on a carrier but it was at a great price at 50% off so I bought it as I don't think it will ever be less than that. I'll just set on it until its more complete.
  20. The ALT+Enter switches from windowed to full screen. It is a standard Windows shortcut key combo. If its running better in full screen then you can check or un-check "full screen" in the settings screen.
  21. You did look in "missions" the 3rd menu option on the main page and not instant action?
  22. Not their fault you didn't read the requirement. You should also know EVERYTHING comes out in Open Beta if its early access because they are not complete yet. You can install both if you wish or do as I do and just run OB its really not that bad. You can also switch between a single install with the updater but I don't know the parameter but its very easy once you know how.
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