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  1. I also did the same years ago. I figured I'd give that 30% Steam took to ED instead so they could re-invest it in development of DCS.
  2. Just making sure you weren't expecting too much from a few weeks delay And you don't have to tell me about Early Access I'm just now about to crack open the manual for FA/18, I think it's finally ready to take seriously even though I bough it first day of EA . And in another year I'll look at the f-16 and in 2 years the AH-64D. Until then they're just zoom around modules . Happy flying
  3. You won't be getting that full complexity for quite sometime. :)
  4. Pretty sure I got rid of mine about 20 years ago. It was and I'm sure still a great stick. I currently have the 50lb Warthog versions Best stick I ever owned! Enjoy mapping the AH64.
  5. You still have a Cougar?
  6. Yep I flew it for few days no problem but lately its like my control stick is way down and to the left now.
  7. Shows Measure? THIS IS WAR not a cooking class! :joystick::pilotfly: Kamikaze if need be! lol
  8. Nice I see she has the new curved Props
  9. Delayed fusing is for the weak. Try releasing bombs earlier :)
  10. Thanks for the explanation
  11. I think he feels the opposite and that he shouldn't get an ok but worse. I don't think they are that strict like he points out in the video like when he was 100 over the 700 speed or he started his turn 2 seconds late etc etc. They only seem to care once you call the ball
  12. Never did a lot with mission editor until recently so can you tell me what a template is for and does? Thanks
  13. I will! I'll even do it in case III. I'm going crash into the back of the boat anyway might as well stress a little while I do it:joystick:
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