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  1. Does anyone know how far the throttle is rotated at the top of the stem? I have a feeling it’s ~15 degrees downward but I can’t find any documentation online about it thanks
  2. Nice PCBs, I’ve been looking to get started with designing then myself. Any tips on which application to use to design the schematic and where you have them fab’d? thanks
  3. If you look at the footage here for the F-14, its as if the wire just sticks to the back of the Tomcat rather than the actual hook.
  4. I have an Anycubic Chiron which I bought because of its big build plate. It’s incredibly easy to setup and produces great prints so well worth taking a look at
  5. Hi All, First let me say that the below isn’t a criticism, I pre-ordered the Super Carrier the day it became available and think it’s a great addition to DCS World 2.5. As much fun as I’ve been having with it since it’s release into Beta last year, I can’t help but feel let down by the landing experience at touchdown. I guess my main point is that I feel like the instant a single wheel touches down the aircraft becomes ‘glued’ to the deck and doesn’t ‘bounce around’ as much as I feel it should. I know ED struggled to fix the deck sliding issues on the old carrier implem
  6. Interesting, I didn't even know these were a thing! I'll check them out, thanks!
  7. Hi All, Long story short, I'm designing and 3D printing my own mini F-18C Hornet throttle unit (with a few associated buttons, knobs etc) and need a little help in working out the gearing ratio for the pots that'll transfer the liner input of each throttle axis into a digital signal (plugging into a Leo Bodnar board). The below pictures detail my progress so far but as mentioned above, does anyone have the technical knowhow to help me create the correct gearing ratio (red highlighted area in mech.png)? I'm trying to transfer the full range of motion from each throttle
  8. Hi I can’t log into the DCS website nor the game, only this forum is luckily letting me log in. I’ve tried resetting my password but that doesn’t accept my user id Is anyone experiencing the same?
  9. Just a thought but it would make life a lot easier for people who are searching for 3D prints, CADs etc if we had separate sub-forms for models. For example, I’d love an F-18 sub-forum here so that I know 95% of what I’d be looking at that forum would be related to the Hornet (would save me a lot of time sifting though a lot pages to find or even browse what people are building relative to a module I like) Any one else agree?
  10. Hi All, Quick question, is it possible to easily record the HUD? I'd like to start capturing footage 'HUD cam' style that you sometimes find on Youtube but am wondering if its something someone has done previously? Thanks
  11. I did hear that early block E’s & F’s share a lot of similarities with our block 20 so maybe it is doable. I’d love to see an E; those extra pylons would be lush
  12. One thing I’ll say is that this problem is made even worse when looking at water through the tpod; waves look comically large
  13. Sorry for the late reply, been away from DCS for a while due to a house move. Yup, that’s it. The (either 10mm or 12mm M2.5 I believe) bolts go through the button matrix from the back and screw into the back of the UFC front plate.
  14. Thanks you! To answer your questions: 1) I used M3 button head screws 2) It should be there but I’ll check 3) They’re approximations 4) Yes, feel free to PM me Thanks again! :)
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