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  1. Here is my problem: After installing the latest version of DCS my P51 wont load anymore... No matter if i start a mission or make a short one in the editor.It starts loading and i can see when it says "loading database" then "loading ground objects" and when it comes to the screen where it says "Please wait" it goes up to around 50%,then i find myself back in the main UI or the game crashes. The A10C and KA50 are working fine...its only the P51. Re-installing the game and the P51 didnt help..i've also downloaded it again.. I had no problems in prior versions of DCS World..
  2. I replied your Private Message warthogmadman,check it for more infos on how to edit the camera angles
  3. Well...thats the F4 view wich i modified.To do this you need to open the server.lua file in notepad(you find it in config/view),and change some values.Scroll down the file until you can see this: function GetRearCameraPosition(iType) local p = CockpitLocalPoint[iType] local r = {} r[1] = p[1] - 0.1 r[2] = p[2] - 2.5 r[3] = 0.0 return r[1], r[2], r[3] r[1]-r[3] are x,y and z coordinates wich you can change. The values you see are alrdy modified to be centered under the plane like at 22secs in my vid.
  4. Tell me at what time in my video and i will tell you how
  5. Amraam is right..no mods needed to get all the angles..
  6. Thanks everyone for the nice words.. Actually this wasnt my first movie..i did a couple before,just for myself to practise editing,but i still have no idea how Locsta made the effects in his last video,but he made me using the ingame render for the first time.The quality is the best you can get out compared to FRAPS(used it before),and its definatly worth the time you have to spend on rendering the clips out. To S77th and JaBoG32:I dont mind if you wanna host it,everyone else who want can do that too.
  7. Hello everyone...i made this little movie and thought im gonna share it with ya,enjoy it:icon_roll http://www.lockonskins.co.uk/linkcounter.php?LID=236 Thnx to Mr.Wolf for hosting it:)
  8. Holy Shit!!!!...This is the most awesome video i have ever seen! Impressive like always Locsta...keep em coming
  9. Its all in the server.lua now..not in the view.lua anymore in 1.1 Set it to: CameraTerrainRestriction = false The editing of the F4 view is still possible...you need to change it in the server.lua as well. Scroll down in the server lua. till you see this: function GetRearCameraPosition(iType) local p = CockpitLocalPoint[iType] local r = {} r[1] = p[1] - 9.7 r[2] = p[2] - 2.0 r[3] = -6.0 return r[1], r[2], r[3] The Values for r[1],[2] and [3] will move camera forward,backward/up,down and left/right. (This one is alrdy modified so ur values will be different ther
  10. Thnx for the nice comments everyone:) To Bluewing:When you set the attack point for the bomers you need to let em attack a "Coordinate" and not an "Object"..this way they will drop their complete load of bombs
  11. Hello everyone..heres my latest movie.. Hope you enjoy and like it.. Special thnx at this point to 504Hi-Hat for makin the 3D Logo,to Grizzly for his help in the mission making and to Mr.Wolf for editing the Sound FX and hosting the video at Lockonskins.... http://www.lockonskins.co.uk/linkcounter.php?LID=218
  12. VVS 504 Red Hammer's http://www.vvs504.co.uk/
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