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  1. This has been said since Falcon 3.0 (remember all the talk of interconnected sims). It has never happened effectively, and it is not going to happen anytime soon. Closest you could get to this model is WWII Online, and I'm sure we are all mostly aware of the problems there. OpFlash is an infantry sim. The armor and aircraft and just ornaments. Decent authenticity but no fidelity. Armor in LOMAC would be the same. A compromise resulting in a below average armor sim and a degraded flight sim.
  2. The U.S. Army disagrees: http://www.boeing.com/rotorcraft/military/ah64d/ah64d_back.htm also: http://www.aviationtoday.com/cgi/rw/show_mag.cgi?pub=rw&mon=0104&file=0104apache.htm
  3. This is so incredibly wrong. The Ka-50 is, in fact, a daylight close-support helicopter. A dedicated anti-armor helo in the post-Cold War world would obviously have to be fully night-attack capable, with significant all-weather capabilities. If helicopters are not providing the first line of close support to ground forces, what pray tell is?
  4. I think it interesting that the Ka-50s sent to Chechnya worked in a strike group with a recon/target designation Ka-29. I have no idea if the Ka-29 was operated by the Navy or Air Force, however.
  5. At simhq.com, there is a thread about getting it to run with XP in the forums.
  6. Actually, Ka-50 is a daylight close-support helicopter with potent anti-armor ability. Maybe if Cold War had continued it would not have evolved to that role, but current reality has led to that, much as with the Apache.
  7. And the other one is appropiate for a movie...and nowhere else. ;)
  8. Why use this engine to do a close-support helicopter sim?
  9. Okay, I'll shut up after this last question: Will the Ka-50 product include modelling of infantry units beyond the little shoulder-launched SAM guys, including light AAA, infantry squads, infantry positions (in buildings, field fortification, etc.), and infantry transportation across battlefield (APCs, trucks and transport helicopters)? Will Ka-50 face small arms fire from infantry?
  10. I understand there to be two versions of the Ka-50: Ka-50A - daytime close-support helicopter Ka-50N (Ka-50sh) - nighttime capable attack helicopter with FLIR and NVG compatible cockpit. Now the screenshots seem to be of a Ka-50A (no Samsheet-50 targeting ball), but the cockpit suggests a night-capable helicopter. Also, recent images of the Ka-50 from MAKS have this night-capable equipment (but this may be for export, not for operational Russian Hokums). Could someone clarify what Ka-50 is being modelled?
  11. Yes, they are not likely to be operating in an environment where they would be needed, i.e. the war scenarios put forward in Lock On. I'd rather not fly a Ka-50 equipped for Chechnya in a game where my force does not have total air supremacy and I face interception by fighters, prowling A-10s and a large force of Apaches. That doesn't sound very fun.
  12. Russia also won't spend money necessary to acquire an operational Ka-50 force. Guess they can't make this sim anymore. As the Ka-50's use in the sim will be largely hypothetical, I would rather see it modelled to it's capabilities than current reality of budgets in Russia.
  13. According to the article in Combat Aircraft, the Ka-50sh and Ka-52 can both employ R-73s.
  14. Would Ka-50 pilots really be using NVGs of first-gen quality?
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