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  1. Cheers G.J.S. but now I have one last nagging question how/why can I find skins for VSN aircraft, and how can I tell them apart on DCS downloads? Cheers Mate!
  2. Hello folks, Can anyone please tell me if you can use aircraft skins/liveries from other aircraft on VSN aircraft, example: Use a heat blur F-14 skin on VSN F-14? Sorry if this has been addressed before. Cheers Mates!
  3. Hello, I am having difficulty signing in to DCS via Steam, as the login screen is to small to read what it asks for unless I am standing right on top of it. I am using my "55 VIZIO" as my monitor and Windows 10 Home edition. Obviously this is some kind of graphics issue, but where Steam? DCS? or my PC? I had previously purchased FC-3 due to it simplicity, and would like to login and play, dumb question do I use the same credentials to sign into DCS as I use to sign in here? Sorry, for posting dumb questions as I am just an old simple game-head! Cheers to all!
  4. Hello Everyone, I cleaned this decal up from an earlier post, and wanted to share it with all of you. Maybe others will post similar postings so that we can all benefit in designing our own aircraft. Hope you can make use of it, and thank you to original post. Cheers! PS I do not want to hear about copyright as these pictures are from actual US Navy fighters in which our tax dollars paid for, and I am going to make them and post them!
  5. Thank you, but some of us are not talented artists. Cheers!
  6. Hello folks, Can anyone please tell/recommend how you design these awesome decals, I mean what do you guys purchase them and then scan them into your PC/Photo program? If so which scale work best!? I would really like to know as I would like to recreate some of these amazing decals for some paper models projects. Cheers to all!
  7. Hello folks, I just wanted to say thank you to all of you skinners for designing and sharing your amazing artwork, it's truly awesome stuff! But I was hoping you could all help out an old veteran, I would like to know how you were able to make all of these vivid and amazing decals for your models? I would like to know because I would like to either use some of them or design some myself for some paper model designs for my own collection. I've always loved the Tomcats/Hornets. Any assistance you could give would be greatly appreciated! Cheers Mates!
  8. Hello Everyone, Just curious if ED ever plans to add the following aircraft into FC3? F-14A/D Tomcat F-15E F-16C F-18C/D/E/G/F F-22 MiG-29M MiG-35 SU-34 SU-50T PAK FA SU-57 Fictional aircraft: MiG-28 From Top-gun! (1986) = Converted F-5E I guess we can only hope for now, but if enough people request it, it will happen! There are some mods that needs to be added in with these aircraft as well as those that have already been released in FC3. Over the wings vapor, yes there is a mod out there, however, it only works on certain aircraft like the SU-27/SU-33 I believe and does not work in IC? If this modder can make it work than Dynamic Eagles should be able to as well! Cheers Mates!
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