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  1. Good job Dragon! Your constant work for the DCS community is much appreciated.
  2. galagamo, try to switch off the nose wheel steering very early (below speed 50). This will effectively prevent over correcting. Cheers Man, this sim is soooooo awesome!!!
  3. -=STP=- keep up the fantastic work! With your stunning missions+servers and the A-10C at the horizon, there will be so much more to keep us thrilled in the future. :joystick::thumbup: Cheers
  4. Bucic, FC 1.1 might not be necessary to install FC 2.0, thats true. Main point of my posting was to evade the Starforce problem with W7 with the "trick" to install, but not to start lockon 1.0 and FC 1.1. :music_whistling: Has anybody tested Lockon 1.0 -> FC 2.0? :helpsmilie:
  5. My Solution here for the starforce issue with W7 if you want a clean install of FC 2.0 and do not want to play the older versions of Lockon or FC 1.1b: - Clean W7 installation without any lockon or FC product installed (Black Shark is installed :pilotfly:) - Installed Lockon 1.0 CD Version - No Reboot needed, do NOT start lockon, Starforce Driver won´t be installed that way - Installed FC 1.1 DVD Version - No Reboot needed, do NOT start FC 1.1, same here, no Starforce Driver will be activated nor installed - Installed FC 2.0 English Download Version, launched and activated FC 2.0 with
  6. Did you enable to record the pauses between the different keys? I had the effect, that without pauses, the sequence during playback of the macros seemed to be to fast for BS to evaluate them properly. :smartass:
  7. Taipan, ich have set my res in my custom lua file inside \Config\MonitorSetup\ respectively \BlackShark\data\scripts\options.lua to the native res of both monitors -> 3520*1200: ["height"] = 1200, ["resolution"] = "3520x1200", ["civTraffic"] = 0, ["width"] = 3520, This way, there was nothing to "see" regarding the windowed mode nor any boundaries of the windows, it looked like full screen but it was in a window exactly fitting both screens. I was really suprised about the fact, that I didn´t have a noticeable hit on fps this way. What really seems to influence fps here is ping
  8. Still no improvement here with two monitors, one 1920*1200 and one 1600*1200 res under w7 ulti 32 bit with nvidia 195.62 driver in windowed mode. I managed to get my abris and shkval on the second 1600*1200 monitor. Still around 30 to 60 fps with textures high and scenes medium (Core 2 duo 8600 and GTX260 gpu - 4 gig Ram with 3.2 Gig adressed - swapfile disabled to get rid of the micro stutterings aprox. every 5 seconds). The multiplayer screen ist still spawned over the full 3520 width - I could live with that beeing able to see the briefing button because of a consistent vertical res on b
  9. Copy RYKE, I will check that soon and report... :book: Eltra
  10. Nice Work StickyTeflon! Thanks for the tip! :thumbup: Still one problem here: Its working for the single player menu but not for the multiplayer menu. Any Idea to get it running in mp-menu? Thanks in advance! Eltra
  11. Always a pleasure to join the STP server. :thumbup: Nice balanced missions with lots of stuff to blow up. :joystick: In Operation Freedom I like the Targetzone 1-3 because of the the western coastline to use for cover while spoting the movers. :smartass: Keep on the good work STP! CU on the battlefield Eltra
  12. I am running at 1920*1200 4FSAA 16AIF, most of the time fully zoomed out! The gauges are crystal clear and the HUD ist legible enough. Especially the gauges at 1920*1200 are much, much more clear than at 1280*1024, what I ran before. At 1280 it seemed like the gauges must have been shrinked or reduced from their original full res (1024) a few % and that brought some kind of "interpolation artefacts" into them. At 2560 there might be the opposite effect and you have extrapolation issues. The tool tips at 1920 are fine. The briefing maps are small here too. Just my two cents...
  13. AWESOME NEWs! I loved version 6 for FC so much. Thanks a lot for everybody who was involved to get 7 done!
  14. Yeah, after playing the sim for one hour ore more with my new TrackIR Pro 4, its like heaven because of the realism and challenge this awesome piece of software brings to us. Yesterday I spent nearly full 8 hours in the bird and today it will be the same (I hope:pilotfly:). I bought a new 1920*1200 TFT (Samsung, only 279,- Euro in Germany) and with my 260GTX and the E8500 Core2D (3.1 GHz) it runs at about 30-40 fps with medium details (4X FSAA and 16 AIF, XP SP3) in Single Player Missions -> AWESOME! In this high resolution fully zoomed out, I can see any detail of the cockpit in a cryst
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