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    VR Titles

    Try Star Wars Squadrons. Or Google Earth VR. (although you might need controllers for that)
  2. I just got the Constellation Alpha. Trying to map all my buttons. Anyone got a good grip profile for the F-16? I'll settle for a good axis tune info!
  3. I have a question on the detent magnets. He now has magnet detents from 10% - 90%. I'm not hugely familiar with afterburner detents so don't know what percentage I should be looking for if I'm flying the f-16.
  4. Ryzen 7 3700x 3.6GHz 32 GB RAM 2080 Super HP Reverb 1 Pro I get around 44fps in the F-16 and a little less when my head is down. It took lots of work getting the settings just right, but my 2080 Super does just fine with this setup and I'm sure yours will do better with the Rift S. VR is worth every penny.
  5. Is this something achieved in a HOTAS software and not a controls binding within the game I'm guessing? EDIT: Nevermind, found the binding for it in DCS. Wow this is life-changing! Sooooo much smoother to trim. Now just gotta figure out how to travel down the runway in a straight line lol.
  6. Thanks. It's appreciated. This is what I have. I have a RTX2080 Super on the top slot. Seems like the fans from the video card blowing down on it might eliminate the need for a heatsink. I dunno.
  7. About to buy my first M.2 drive. One option has a heatsink and the other does not have one. Just wondering how important one is on these things since I've never used one before. Is it worth the extra $20?
  8. Ahh duh I missed that somehow lol. Thought that was short for the Constellation on first read.
  9. That's brilliant. How do you like your stick? Really considering throwing some $ down on the Constellation Alpha w/ Warbird.
  10. I have extremely slow download, between 457kb/s to 0.5mb/s. Made sure Windows auto-tuning was on (it already was) and no change. I have attached my autoupdate_log.txt file for reference. It's always been like this, but never this slow. Any help is greatly appreciated. autoupdate_log.txt
  11. Can you please explain what we are supposed to be doing exactly? I have no idea what a tracert is, but I googled it and found it. That said, you're telling us to collect the results of the page (i'm assuming the debug tools page?) and the Tracert. What are we supposed to do with those results, exactly? Also, the config file you want us to place in the root directory...do we override the file if one is already there?
  12. How are you getting it to pause? Are you hitting "cancel"? That's the only option I see.
  13. Although I flew Flaming Cliffs what...10yrs ago maybe? I'm relatively new to DCS. I do believe an updated F-15E with clickable cockpit and all the other goodies would be an insta-buy for me. I'm enjoying the F-16, but I imagine the Mudhen would be top tier. I honestly highly doubt if it will ever come out. RZB could really use some lessons on the maximum effective timing for distributing hype when it comes to human psychology.
  14. I really wish that F-15E would release.
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