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  1. New patch is up for Simappro
  2. Unplug all usb devices except KB, mouse. Plug the panel into another USB socket on your mainbaord, start Simappro click on the panel and do a manual firmware update. Let it fully complete. Do the same for the next panel....if you have one.
  3. It has been reported. Hopefully WW will have a large Simmapro update out shortly
  4. Yep, Jump into Simappro and change the switch to 'Switch Mode' you then have to assign the range switch to the digital input, not the analogue axis
  5. Don't forget to calibrate your A/B detent as well
  6. This is an issue that should have been fixed ages ago. Not everyone installs their software in the default location! A fix can be found here.....somewhat agricultural but does the job https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/220583-at-a-loss-with-dcs-bios-install/?do=findComment&comment=4120202
  7. Be confused all you like @Jerec This entire thread is for Skate's F/A-18 Super Hornet mod, not someone else's.
  8. Why have you highjacked this thread? What you are talking about has nothing to do with Skate's F/A-18!!
  9. A new version of Simappro has dropped that resolves the excessive CPU usage
  10. Too many variables.....How low or high is the throttle in relation to you? How far back are you in relation the the throttle? All in all it's pretty much up to you on whether the switches are easy to get to. I have absolutely no problems!
  11. You sure it's not a problem with your main board supplying enough power to run multiple devices??? Their are those of us who have absolutely no issues at all!
  12. Works fine for me. All Simappro updates and device firmware updates work without issue.
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