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  1. apologies if this is stating the obvious but you do get IFF in both STT and TWS in the F15C up to 25nm out In this case a Ukrainian aircraft Then you get aircraft ID in this case a Mig29 Just to get full value out of my 2p ;) on the subject of altitude and BVR, the 1989 Suda Bay F14s took their first AIM7 shot at 5K against the Mig23s at 9K. a deliberate low to high shot or uppercut :)
  2. Once again thanks guys, I really appreciate the help. i'll forgoe the direct quoting and answer in general I turn off AV when flying, normally i use fsautostart but have tried without. I turn off all autoupdates AV, Windows etc all the time I'm as certain as anyone can be that i'm free of malware with regular scans using multiple AV and spyware tools Turning off heat blur does improve things slightly with slow downs less frequent and less severe Water to low gives a marginal improvement as well edit \ Pilotasso, i don't have that option, it looks like an nVidia feature, thnx anyway
  3. Thanks for the replies guys this was already set =1 this line is not in the view.cfg file but i guess u meant't =1 i'd already explored that option but there's nothing Lock On has the lot. my worry is it's a CPU starting to fail :( there is no set pattern other than on the ground and down low it seems more frequent having thought about myself maybe i got a corrupted download of v1.1 or v1.12 despite reformatting i used these from a backup of the first d/l i'll try that and report back Thanks again!
  4. Hi all, I'd be really grateful for any help you can give me. I've played Lock On ever since it came out and after an enforced lay off recently returned to it. To date i've never had any serious issues running it but now find it is unplayable due to sudden drops in fps. I'll try and give you the relevant facts as follows: 1. Basic specs of my machine are P4 3GHz, 1Gb RAM, x800XT AGP 120Gb HDD with 85% free capacity TIR2 3.13 and X52 using Saiteks config s\w (all joystick commands deleted from Lockon Input). 2. I have not altered anything hardware or driver wise other than trying various
  5. ty :) for the record that's an Irish Terrier .. best dogs ever! (imo)
  6. EDIT/ ok i found it .. mods pls feel free to delete this thread
  7. it's an ashtray ... since smoking in the workplace was banned pilots have to step outside for a smoke on those long transfer flights :)
  8. Greetings, Does the use of close range radar modes such as vertical scan or the F15 gun auto acquire (?) produce any, a diminished or the same signal on an enemy's RWR if he is say 80nm+ (ie a fair way out). or does it depend if i point the scan zone in his direction? same question with boresight mode? answers on a postcard plz :) thx
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