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  1. Thanks for reporting your experience. On the subject of performance one of the oculus devs posted this https://i.redd.it/yd9ax5aud0t51.jpg, i have no idea what any of it means i just saw it on reddit earlier maybe it will be useful to you.
  2. Yea in the context of DCS its hard to match a real life loadout because most of the ones ive seen have like 5 pylons loaded at the most because i assume anything else is overkill for the types of missions in the last 10+ years.
  3. Anyone used this with dcs yet? I know before anyone says it that its notgoing to be a flawless high res experience but it does seem promising. Thinking of picking one up until next year when pc parts and the G2 will hopefully be more readily available and fairly priced.
  4. Jammer CBU 97 AGM-65G 7 APKWS (AT) GBU-54 Empty GBU-54 7 APKWS (HE) AGM-65G POD GBU-12 (or aim9 depending on situation) Still probably far from realistic but its a good mix of almost everything and i really hate to see people in multiplayer with like 60 rockets, 6 mavs and triple rack gbus. I find it more fun as someone above said to actually have to use the right weapon on the right target at the right time.
  5. G2 seems perfect until you get to the FOV but saying that i think we are a few generations away from not having to compromise and considering what the higher FOV and refresh rate headsets cost its probably the best all around pick imo.
  6. I have to agree with this, whilst the op is correct of course the better pc you have the better experience you will have for the most part however I also had decent performance it was never really about that but more about the actual headset and screen tech. For the record also i didn't hate the VR experience, and for the money, the rift s is a brilliant bit of kit for DCS just as long as you're not expecting too much.
  7. Maybe i expected too much after reading and researching this headset but after initially being blown away by the first time i loaded into a 3d cockpit and the scale etc i have to admit the experience in general, left me a little bit disappointed. I can see why people put up with the current VR limitations though and im pretty excited to see how good the next gen VR and PC hardware is and how much of a leap forward VR will take in DCS in the next year or so.
  8. I would imagine a heavy plane with a payload could easily get stuck on a bit of grass but thats just common sense telling me not any actual knowledge.
  9. A few weeks ago when i was learning to land i had it at the worst snowy weather i could and managed to land pretty well freestyle with no ils. By the end i realised low and fast did the trick because obviously at 120-130 you get more movement. 150-160 and then brakes and off the throttle right before you touchdown works for me!
  10. I land freestyle so this happens occasionally, im slowly mastering it though!
  11. With the 38 you only press the weapons release button when you get the "man rel" on the left side of the hud, maybe youre pressing it too late or early? I'm no expert but i never fail with the 38s and thats what i do..
  12. Sometimes it does it for me even when i stop short of the runway and wait, if i see nobody incoming i just take off anyway. Im all for realism but i dont want to spend 10 minutes waiting for the ok to take off.
  13. Expecting to master should a detailed sim after an hour no wonder you failed, been playing it a few weeks personally and im at the point where i cant start up take off and land with no problems but i suck with the weapons. Do each training mission until you actually understand whats going on is what i did i still get frustrated by my bombs landing nowhere near why i lased but ill keep trying!
  14. Turn off engines and turn ground power on is how i repair, not sure if thats correct but it works for me just wait 2-3 minutes.
  15. Thank you both for the replies.
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