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  1. Congrats! and it'll get easier and easier each time, as you'll get less nervous and less muscles stiff on the stick :) Proper curves adjusment/joystick used or the understanding of it's importance, i'D say is, quite a huge amount of reason for some people AAR (specialy ont he Hornet, as i personaly find where the probe is located to be the easiest ever refueling bird due to it's positioning, even looking straight you can clearly keep eyes of it in your FOV, and it's almost straight front the nose) is hard, so you did quite a good thing adjusting them, you'll see, once you get the hang of it and it gets easy, you'll even be able to turn back to default your curves.
  2. Cool. And once it comes out you'll also be able to replace the module at the bottom on the screen, that's what i did for the F/A-18 module, i used the Canada CF-18 Hornet red logo instead of the default icon. As per your image if i may add a comment (yeah i'm that annoying guy :)), if you have Photoshop, i would either, if keep that image as is, fliped, just flipped back the aircraft 3 digits on both wings and nose, as it caches my eyes :) Or of you simply fliped it so it gets free of the right side menu bar, i'd simply reflip it normal so all digits are the right way, but i'd simply center the birds in the proper position, than to add the remaining image going under the menu, i'd copy/use the portion of the cloud (easy retouching as it's all white clouded) and re-add some image missing.
  3. I can't remember how long, i'Ve never paid attention but i went to watch a viddeo i've made a while ago, connecting at 5 400 ish to 8 400 ish was about 58 seconds, so, let's round it to about a 1 minute for 3 000 lbs.
  4. I had issues before as well, and even with my Oculus now, when the sun is way too shiny i get it, but way way less. The thing with the TRackIr is, it's realy sensitive, sunlight directly on the TrackIR Camera/Sensor affects it, If the TrackIR Camera/Sensor is back to the window or sunlight still can be an issue if the sunlight shine on your reflectors, specialy the default cap clips, but using the Pro clips which connects to a USB is way much more forgiving on sun relfection. Also, what happened to me also is, even if i had the TrackIR with the window behind it, the sun coming through the window and reflecting on the wall behind me was affecting it when really shiny days. In other words, on my side when i've been usng the TrackIR, purchasing the Pro clip was a good investment as the system became way less sensitive, not to play with the words, but it became night and day as difference versus the default Hat Clip. It's pretty easy to see what is affecting, open the TrackIR application and see what sources is being detected in the preview window and play with the settings/threshold.
  5. I'd say pre-planned flight for now is the best option for it, same as when using a waypoint on any airfield not having a Tacan if you want a precise reading on distance to practice FCLP, since we still have a conflicting coordinate format entering in the UFC versus what shows on the HSI ( i can't rememeber which one is which one but one is degrees, minutes, and seconds and the other degrees and decimal minutes), so the convertion will always makes an offset, not that important, but for precise stuff as CCRP bombing cause it to be merly impossible, as opposed to it, in the ME your waypoint added will always show as where you droped it and you could direct hit i am sure, i tank with the waypoint directly set to it. That's my opinion. But i personaly only use Auto when going on with a JTAC lasing a target or only on big tarets, i wouldn't go AUTO with MK-82 on a isolated tank with only a pass of 2 mk-82's, but i would rather go AUTO and drop a few MK-82's riple on a building or structure. Again, once we get a pod, this might be helping us as bypassing that thing.
  6. You should have the fuel check for drugs, might be a basket on steroids :P
  7. We all know this, thus the reason why CHEAT in the thread subjet he said i'm pretty sure he knows it ain't the right way. But i gave up on replying this on thread people using auto-pilot etc, as i came to come to the fact that if it allows someone to enjoy refurling while he he struggles without it and might not wanna train that much, i guess he deserve to enjoy the module he paid for, cheating or nt, bad habit or not.
  8. Here'S the new links to my Updated liveries for the RCAf Tankers (KC-130, KC-135 and KC-135 MPRS) also the F/A-18C Lot 20 Hornets liveries, all f them ti represent the more recent markings with RCAF @ ARC instead of the old Roundel only on the fuselage. Tankers: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3303563/ Hornets (3 parts package) Part 1: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3303574/ Part 2: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3303575/ Part 3: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3303576/
  9. You know what makes me laugh about these kinds of thread, is how fast people are willing to hang someone asking something a bit offset realisticly from their comfortable virtual reality world, in other words, why in hell would bother any of you even though the AIM-7 would be in? Will it totaly break your own little virtual experience from flying the Viper? I can understand developpers defending this as it's more job for them, but as custumer, it totaly makes me laugh, i love the Hornet, it's my fav, i want the realistic ont he modeling, system working, but i would so don'T care ven though someone would be able to load a H-Bomb on his station if that's fun for him, it would in no way affect my own personal experience, i fly the thing i want the way i want, don't mind for others. Just don'T use it if you're not happy, or some might come up and say « well he'd be using this and that on public servers » i'd simply reply » who cares anyways if he'd be able to put some AIM-7's on his viper, in any cases on servers people only cares about having hundred AIM-120's to spam them, so even if we had modeled a huge pouch of potatoes and use it on any stations, it wouldn't makes any difference ». One day they should make a reality show on TV with the fights going on in DCS when someone wants something not possible for an aircraft, i always end up laughing when i read the famous « it wouldn't be realistic ». So having on an more modern aicraft using an older payload is not realistic... then i'm off to fly a bit in DCS now in peace and quiet, gonna grab the realisticly added M-2000 from the USA aircraft fleet Armada list, see ya ll :) I don't even know why i'm posting here and taking the OP's side, as it's not realistic at all from my side, i'll never buy the Viper module. :music_whistling:
  10. Hi! Can you provide us a screenshot of where to look for Materials names in it? I'Ve been looking everywhere and couldn'T find it. Much appreciated sir.
  11. That is a good question, though, i'Ve never paid attention to the difference, as in cockpit i want to see stuff as they would in RL, and when i'm in F2 view it's usualy for screenshots, so seing more details in the bakground for the same distance i don't mind as it makes nicer screenshots, even, usualy what i do in F2 view, i play with RCTL + * and / on NumPad especially for that reason, to zoom in a bit on the background to give more details on the background behind the aircrafts. But agian, not sure why it's different, possibly also seing in F2, allows more detials to be seing as the exterior models might take less juice to draw than the entire HR cockpit.... dunno
  12. Doum76

    WIP KC-135 MPRS

    I bought Voice Attack a while ago, used it a lot with the Huey a lot, with all radio frequency changing by voice, when i bought my VR i used it at the beginning, now i don't use it anymore got used to all keys, only time i'm having issues is with the tanker when he doesn,t wanna pre-contact and i got to go through the menu 10 times, but in a turn only, straight there is no issues, again this occurs mainly 1 time out of 20, really not that often. I got a little tired to sometimes repeat 5 times in a row some commands :) But yeah it was useful for some stuff, specialy when i was doing fast rope drops n the huey and calling the insertion out vocaly :)
  13. You need to edit the folowing: ...\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\aircraft\FA-18C\Skins\1\ME\base-menu-window.png Goggle Translate / Traductor de Google: Necesitas editar el siguiente: ...\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\aircraft\FA-18C\Skins\1\ME\base-menu-window.png
  14. Thanks for this :) i usualy always do test and errors until i get +/- 250 ias in game :) Will save me time next time from going in game and misison editor back and forth
  15. Oh cool, if you come across Dwayne and Gregorio tell them i say hi. :P
  16. t's not a problem, as i said, in mission editor is Ground Speed (not including, wind and other factors and is simply the moving speed of the aicraft relative to the ground) still in knots if i am not mistaken, though in game is indicated air speed, in knots, but including wind and factors.
  17. I though km/h was roughly 1.8x kts? So 190 kts would be close to 500 kts?
  18. you are fine, if my game is set in miles, feet and knots, you are as well, cuz the speed you wrote in your original post is what i get in game and mission editor. which is, 290 Kts in ME and 190 IAS in game. Start to play around with the options i told you and see if it works. Let me know if not and i'll take a look back, but so far, worked for me on your mission.
  19. Yep pretty much, in my mission the KC-135 is set exactly to 350 KTS and in game gives me about 230 IAS for the conditions i set.
  20. For the AWACS, found it, in your advanced Waypoint options, just bring AWACS on top of the Orbit action option, AWACS options need to be first, doing so the AWACS appears after in the menu.
  21. Haven'T test for the awacs yet, but i can tell your for you tanker is simply you need to raise the speed in your ME, in game it's IAS while in ME is not, it's Ground Speed, (small checkbox besides with GS i presume stands for ground speed, not sure), so in game speed won't match the ME, for exemple for me it's flying at 203 IAS ing ame and in the ME i made it 310 instead of 290
  22. Startig to feel Rotary lover's pain/sadness/frustration The passed year, last 2 years has been a huge step forward in DCS, finaly got 2.5 and lots of new modules, on my side, my so long dreamed F/A-18 Hornet finaly came out, started to dream to get this sexy stingy bird in DCS from day one i discovered DCS in early 2010. God thing is, the Harrier came out a bit before and made me cool down and gave me something cool to play with until the buzzing bird comes out. F-14 is about to come out, heard news not too long ago for the F-15, now this week news on the F-16... but even though been a while i haven't flown helicopters and i am starting to feel their left out souls. Would be more than enough time helicopters module comes out now. I feel like, we'd have Apaches, Cobras, Twin-Hueys, Kiowas, Hinds, Commanche in game, and us, fixed wing lovers, would still get stucked with stuff like, the Mustang, Spitfire and Dora... Got too say it's one of the reason i stop flying Helicopters, got a bit tired of the outdated old Huey, which requires me to hire as cheap labor, a Midget and ducktaped him on the Skids, with a TV dish in his hand and trying to use him as pre-historic radar system. Gazelle is cool, but with all the aircraft coming with Links and such, it'll make more sens now, a some helicopters that'd benefit from it and more versatil and which more possibilities would come out as role, at least the Hind is being worked on, Russian, but it'll be able to at least carry more than 4 missile and 1 passenger. :) Good thing is, we have the Huey well know for vietnam era, so if one of us in old warbirds gets shot down it'll be able to recover him as SAR role... mabe not, since the Huey never had the chance to get a working winch system to be used as SAR :( All this, to say i am with you flying lawnmawyer guys! Keep the faith « flop-flop » lovers!
  23. From what someone already replied to me a while ago, CCRP/AUTO is usualy used for area target, most of time pre-defined before take-off, bigger targets, like building and such, due to the less precise, or of course with laser guided, as it track the laser. Going for a CCRP/AUTO run for a tank and drop the bomb at 15 000 ft, chances it'll miss by offseting, specialy if windy a lot i presume. Or also, using High-Drag delieveries benefits from it, since it's lower altitude so less offseting. CCIP is more precise, cuz it's done diving, so less lateral seperation, les horizontal chances of being draged off, and you pretty much give it a push. CCIP bombs dive in more step, les drag surfaces i think But agian, that's how i see it.
  24. Doum76


    Ah come on Matt, must not be that complicated, pretty much all games like Battlefield and such has them, just copy/paste their codes :P Kidding, keep up the good works, after all, with the so many systems in the Hornet, rather it takes you guys time to came up with them, if not, we'd have shit load of things to learn at the same time, now at least we can learn little by little :P Better this way for my « Getting out of RAM » brain :) :pilotfly:
  25. Sorry sir, i enver seen you posted, haven'T came in this thread for while. :( As you could foudn out, the IL-78 is not listed as canadian aircraft, so i usualy, to avoid integrity check fails on servers, instead of adding the aircraft to another country, which causes check fails, i simply add the country in the liveries description.lua file for a country that operates that aicraft, so for the IL-78 i made it for Ukraine, so you get a Canadian liveries for for a Ukrainian aicraft :)
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