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  1. Really? i'll check back then to find it, and i'll do the same, i did it with the Salute! for the Hornet and Tomcat. I was hoping the Request launch also be able to get bind, but doesn't :(
  2. Hey guys, Here's there a way to make the Ball Call automaticly, or bind it or something, i couldn't find it? I just found totaly absurd in VR having to fool around to make a radio menu pop, then leaving flight controls go to blindly go press F2 on my keyboard. Thanks
  3. This is an old post, but i don'T understand at all the Moderator who added the [Need track replay] as the entire DCS community knows the replays is DCS are easily desynced, specialy on the carriers. The replays has issues to remember all the infos the game add, most of the time on my side, anytime i start on the carrier, it goes wrong, altitude not coresponsing to how it was when i flew it, and this seems to happens either when starting directly on the carrier, or when trying to relaunch from the carrier, in other words, once you touched the carrier the replays ended up with an altitude missbehavior. As if the replay system doesn't take into consideration the carrier decks height from sea level. Only way i found to have a perfect carrier operation not having altitude corruption or anything, is taking off from land airfield, trap on the carrier, ONCE, and stop replays landed on the carrier, if i take off, chances either first trap qill be corrupted, or fine and second will be.
  4. dunno what i'm doing wrong or simply don't understand OP test, but on my side, i was able to fly between 550-600 KIAS, straight, no turnings, so 1g or slight pression on the stick for 1.5g-2g or so, at 60-70 deg bank angle, without loosing altitude, i tried to turn for about a few minutes in circles, going from 350 kias to 600 kias+ altering g's from 2 to 5-6+ without loosing altitude between 60 to almost 90 deg bank. Got to say i was using rudders though. I made my test between 720-740 ft Using OB with latest patch.
  5. Hi man, At first i wasn't, i was jsut using the default communications menu, because i couldn't find the radio buttons (thanks for all developpers in DCS to all name radio buttons for UHF and VHF radios differently in the command menu for each aircraft, you gotta be like Indiana Jones to find them) then i finaly found the Switches commands. But the main problem was that i was stupid, never realissed i was trying to contact a tanker that only deploys drogue ose and has no operating boom. So the tanker's crew went « Hey guys, don't answer this bozo's comms, once he realised he doesn't have a probe/drogue basket system on his aircraft he'll bug off the proper tanker, just remember his callsign and tail number so we can send him a copy of « Air-Air Refueling for Dummies ». :doh::music_whistling: :)
  6. oh really? I had the viper for a while, but only tried it a few months ago, i didn't realy liked the handling even when playing around with the control'd curves, but now, i almost felt in love with it, still evenatualy have to learn the systems, for now i'm just trying to feel the birds with it's basics stuff. I just love it's cockpit in VR. did quite enjoyed my first Air-Air refueling, though was challenging, never realised my KC-135 liveries had some missing texture on the boom and assist lights under it, so i had to try to spot the lights in the middle of the yellowish/greenish missing texture digital camo style.... we'll see how it goes with proper liveries. I still have to re-learn my favortite, the Hornet, i'm sure quite a lot of stuff changes since i last flown it. :pilotfly:
  7. Might be friend, got to be honest, i was out of the sim for a year and own quite a few modules, i didn't sit back and read all patch notes from last summer up to yesterday to find out what changed on all modules and assets for that year long, and i totaly forgot the MPRS had it's boom disabled for real life behavior not to allow drogue and boom operation at the same time, the more i get old, the worst my memory gets. :(
  8. (SOLVED) (SOLVED) I thought the boom from the KC-135MPRD was functionnal, but i presume it ain't, since when i changed my tanker for the KC-135, he replied, i presume AI's are intelligent to know that an airraft incompatible with the tankers Refueling system makes the tanker crew impolite and never reply back to the aircraft, that doesn'T even identify iteself at which aircraft it is. :doh:
  9. Hey guys, Been out the sim for about a year, and i just decided to try out the F-16 which i bought a while ago. I'm sorta rusted on a few things, so i'm sure my issue is quite dumb, but hey, that's me! I'm trying to contact the tanker, but i get no answer back from him. I set Comm 1 on 251.00 UHF, i use the UHF transmit button to contact it, i'm yet too laysy to learn the start-up procedure, so it's Parking Hot started, so radios rotaries on comm panel for Comm 1 and Comm 2 are all the way up... what dumb thing am i forgetting...please, i'm not rusted enough to forgot to put a Tanker in tme mission editor :P Thanks!
  10. Yeah well, of course this would work, not i didn't think of it, second PC to run games always been an easy way out for tons of games to make some situations easy, but i've spent since 2010, so much for DCS, quite a few thousands $, if one thing i won't do, is simply grab another PC to run DCS for Plat Cam recording, to be honest, if that ends up the only option, i can tell you landing record will go down the drain and **** it. :) I was thinking more, a practical solution and less expensive. :)
  11. I was out of the sim for a bit less than a year, jsut got back in 2 days ago and bought the SuperCarrier, which i love. My only sadness is, the fact that Replays still seem to be aweful, desynched etc... I know that replays was always tricky, eithe here or in FSX, what makes me sad is, since i don't often go online, i do some traps on my own, and can't even enjoy the LSO view with the minitors etc since replay sucks when ever i either take off from teh carrier or land on it the second i touch the carrier, replays desync. I was wondering, would it sorta be possible to have a sorta auto record of what ever the PLAT cam is recording, so we can watch after, a sortas background thing so we don't need to play a replay and try to watch our landing on the carrier. A sorta option in the menu that would allow how to enable plat cam recording, so it'l end up in a movie rather than a replay, that would record live the landings and not trying to replay AI's behaviors... Or another options would be if i could export the PLAT CAM window on my second screen, so i could simply record that second screen, kind of what we can do with gauges and MPCD from aircrafts and place them on a second screen. I just want to analyse my own landings, but ever since the Hornet came out, all that uses the carrier is always sorta offset, of course i could try my old trick to take off from an airfield and land on the carrier, it should be ok to watch it, but damn, i want more than one pass working.
  12. I've been way from the sim for about a year or less, but back then what i found on my side to always be most accurate on replay including a carrier, was that it desynced the second i touched the carrier, so taking off from the carrier (so basicly starting up mission from the carrier) always ended up bad, only way i was able to get a proper replay, was taking off from land airfield and then land on the carrier, 99.9% of the time it was good, but i had to stop the mission once i landed on the carrier, if i'd lanuched after the landing, then it ended desynced, so one landing, taking off from airfield, was ok. Dunno if it still the case though.
  13. You need a STEP button on your communications to browse through diffrent country pages on the team loadouts and a button with besides INFOS like the laser Code : on the UFC and the GBUS :) so it can easily pass the infos :P Teasing you. Thanks for the heads up man.
  14. Tried again, from 27 650 feet, direct hit, again, entered a waypoint first, designated as target, then found my target with TGP, TDC button depressed to select my TGP's target, to test out the waypoint issues some mentioned that might caused the issue if a waypoint was selected before. All good again on my side
  15. Make sure your master Arm is arm and you selected A/G mode, if not in A/G mode i think the switch won't arm
  16. I never used TOO2, i always used TOO1, only thing to remember is, any targets has it's own PP, so if you want 8 bombs to hits 8 targets, on each stations you'll have to set PP1 and PP2. (2 PP's x 4 stations)it you'd want 2 bombs to hit same target, than on a station for exemple, you'll have (i think) to enter same coordinates for PP1 and PP2, so that station will drop 1st bomb on PP1 and second bomb on PP2. Got to say not to sure what TOO2 does, will have to explore it as i might do useless actions that using it might avoid me to :) But i presume TOO2 is when going in for TOO full pass, not to use entering coordinated for PP's as you select another PP on the DDI to enter it.
  17. On my side, it always hits, using GBU-12's, i just retried to make sure, first try on moving trucks to make it more complicated for our sim :) and moving boats, both direct hits, and i even tried with a selected waypoint set as designated target also to try the waypoint thing, no issues at all. I entered the waypoint using the UFC, selected it and designated as target, droped my LGB, hit on target for the moving boat, reslected my waypoint, re-designated, retargated my second target, the moving trucks, and direct hit as well. What i do are pretty simple: Make sure laser set on all stations Set fuse on all stations Make sure i'm A/G and master arm LTR/D switch On on FLIR DDI i make sure TRIG is boxed (here it doesn't help with GBU. but by habbit, i make sure PRECISE is boxed in DATA pages and i select when entering waypoint SEC LATLON) And the most important thing (and i think some people might forget to), when i'm ready to go in for the GBU drop, i press TDC depress button with my FLIr as SOI so my TGP boresigh becomes the waypoint (i say waypoint, but not it's the proper name, like any manualy placed HUD TDC for AUTO mode pass) for AUTO mode and forgets about my already selected waypoints or waypoint designated target, and when i'm going in for a moving target, i reupdate it by repressing TDC depress button a few times to adjust the waypoint initial drop area. After that even if LTD/L stays lit on my DDI, i keep anyways the trigger pressed to lase until visual impact on the DDI. So far always good hits on all GBU drops.
  18. Well the hide and show pilot body is pretty much a must for anyhing at some point VR and non-VR, like a cold start, how in hell can we siwtch APU switch on and crank engines with our non moving pilot body that is afraid the throttle handle falls to the ground by hlding it 24hr/24hr :) i simply binded it to Left CTRL+Up arrow, easy to find with VR on the way im setup with my keyboar in front of me.
  19. Anyways Auto mode for dumb bombs are not really meant for precise strike from what i remember readings, not for for a standing tire in middle of many circles or single trucks, but more for bigger targets, like hangar, buildings etc... Too many factors which can leads to a miss run for smaller targets. If you're dropping at least 2 mk-82's with a small interval, like 25-50ft and you still miss a truck or damage it inbetween both blast, you definately do something wrong.
  20. Hi all, I've looked fast to find if this was asked or reported before and wasn't sure which section to post, but here my question, since i'm using now mostly only the Hornet, i wanted to set in the main game preferences the Precise Lat Lon coordinates formats, which is what i use for both manual waypoints and JDAM PP setup, and since i'm laysy, instead of pressing ALT-Y every time in game to change the option to see in this format to add new targets, i wanted to do it in game settings. Though not sure if it's a bug or i just being out of the game too much for about 7 months, but when i select in main options Lat Long or Precise Lat Long, both in F-10 map shows coordinates as Lat Long (xx°xx'xx''), all others options worked, even Lat Long Decimals works, MGRS, Metrics, but Precise Lat Long also shows xx°xx'xx'' Format and not xx-xx-xx.xx whcih i presume show show up. Thanks PS: I'm using latest Open Beta version.
  21. Reading a game requirements before purchasing has been a thing since day 1 on PC video game my friend, and it clearly states at the bottom where requirements are you needed open beta. If someone doesn't read infos before purchasing something that the company stated, don't blame them for not reading. Welcome to 2019, click without readings, not surprising why there is so much viruses going on, hackers knows people aren't reading or paying attention before clicking stuff :)
  22. In the « F18C_1_DIFFF » behind the LEX. See below image for the area. Just use the UV/Mesh layer in the PSD template to have the exact shape of the element.
  23. I can'T really help as i have never worked with GIMP, always been in Photoshop, but one thing you can try is, if the problems occurs with the settigns you've made with the DDS, would simply take one of the defaults liveries DDS of the module you wanna create the liveries for, copy it and name it how your own liveries would be name, open that DDS, from your created gimp visual, if it'S available in it, again i do not know that sofware, make a select all merge, or a select all of your flattened visual, paste it in the default DDS you've made, flatten it and save it as it with the default settings it had. Now check it out if it works.
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