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  1. I now, uses autostart, for a few resons. 1st once in a while i'm out the sim for a while, so it's a pain to relearn. 2nd i don't wanna waste my time learning start up procedure on a early access module that constantly evolve and has sometimes starting procedures changed and need relearn. 3rd, i'm having bad memory now, so not only learning the systems of each aircraft is something, then learning startup for the 3 aircrafts i mainly only fly now, the Hornet, Viper and Tomcat would be too much asking for my brain, and 4th, sometimes i only have a few moments to fly, so i rather let the autostart do his thing as i can do other things and waiting. Not to mention the many times on public servers like Aerobatics Online, i wasted my time starting up manualy the thing, than some stupid brainless person end up crashing on top of me or in front of the runway as i roll while trying to do his damn aerobatics over people without total control of his aircraft and thinking he's impressive, leading to a need to restart the bird because of some idiot. Now i'm laysy. :) After all, when playing a racing game/sim, do i waste my time starting the car or i simply race? ;)
  2. Bikes works the same, keep pressing your hand on the brake handle ;)
  3. Not sure if i am seing right, but on my perspective it looks like it reflects a blueish/grey environement, as if a ckoud covered raining day sky or early night, as if, the shelter wasn't taken in consideration and blocking outside light? But that's my own stupid interpretation. :) EDIT: I just realised i don't see the Hornet's shadow on the ground, is your shadow off? Could it affect inner hangar shadow cast on the aircraft if so?
  4. This bugs you, but the fact they constantly use after burners and never run out of fuel never bugged you? :) That what made me stop fighting AI before my break last night, when i made a test because i got a little fed up to see them keeping going vertical nonstop with burners on infinite and gave 10% fuel on the AI and the ran away from me full burners for over 50 nm, with 10% fuel remaining....
  5. Having also 4 jets AI spawning Parking Hot also fixes it, they spawn always before the player and since all 4 uses the parking, i'm able to spawn at a different place, no need to play with spawn time. This made me able to spawn on the elevator in front of the LSO station besides the tower. At least this way, as i startup up and get ready on parking, i don'T get bumped into by the E2 taxing out of his parking spot behind me and getting impatient.
  6. Been there, done that. Discovered it with the same situation, thought i did something wrong, then realised the NWS and AOA Indexer weren't showing either, then reliased i mist had skrewed something up trying the Viper for the first time at night. :doh:
  7. Hey all, I was wondering, as per radio calls, when does the call in for the « Commencing » is made? Is it directly at the DME as starting the decent, or as you start the push rolling out of the holding and getting into the final bearing and pusing for the DME. is the leg prior to the DME considered into the holding pattern or is it part of the push start? I'm wondering cuz from the tutorials i'Ve seen, the call is made as the descent starts, but the thing is, when stacked at angel 6, the time it takes from descending from angel 6 to angel 5 (plateform) is quite fast, with the speed ATC replies and our pilot, the commencing calls, the check in call and the plateform call all 3 overlaps forcing to cut all conversation to start the next radio call. In other words, is the pushtime at the DME for descent or rolling out of the holding and getting into the final bearing. Thanks.
  8. Yeah thanks, just found this out, realised i had this issues since i made a evening/night mission, never realised the dim was low. Stupid me. Thanks
  9. Hey guys, having some issues (more likely 18 inches behind the screen issue) or so, since a few days, i realised that i do not get the AoA Indexer, NWS indicator and Aerial Refueling door indicator on the HUD sides, what am i missing or doing wrong?
  10. You made me doupt and i tried again, and you'Re half right on my side, ILS for 110.70 for rny 09 doesn'T work, as it's always this one i always tried since i always come in from the sea, but the other side, 110.75 rny 27 does work, which i never tried before.
  11. No offence man, but why would you want a refund? Personnaly, all the videos, images i've seen for the SuperCarrier was mainly showing the upgrade for the Stenis with american deck crew, i've never ever seen any russian crew or mentionned about it, even on the product page it mainly mentionned about the Theodore Roosevelt sub-class listing, even the first line gave a hint « DCS: Supercarrier is the most detailed and realistic simulation of a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier ever created. » If you go on and buy a product expecting to be more than it shows, though all was listed, i don't think a refund would be quite right.
  12. I presume, as he said it's ON on his DED, more likely his volume is ok, i think he might be using Persian Gulf map, as the time i tried was on that map and i never got to make it work there, and i also did all was supposed to do, the ILS needles in the stand by ADI says sorta cage and on the HUD nothing happens even when flying over, so distance or whatever like others said, might not be the problem. I'll have to try on Caucasus as i setup my mission on there, haven'T used that map for a long time. EDIT: I tried all i was doing on PG map, but in Caucasus at Batumi and all worked. As Ramsay said, PG might have issues. I'm having the feeling it's OP's issues as well, as from his post, he seems to know what he's doing.
  13. I dunno irl how it supposed to be, but i got to admit last week when i first flew the Viper, i set my time for sunset in Persian Gulf, and was impressed in VR with the effect, the sort blinding effect i got when that glare passes your eyes as i aileron rolled and the setting sun relfected on the canopy. I personaly loved it.
  14. I finaly bind Ball Call to the spacebar, enven blind the space bar is easy to us/find. I got quite enough time to press it as i roll in final, a tiny throttle up input for the half second i let throttle go so i don't sink. So far, this way is 100 tiems better than going through radio menus. I used to have voice attack, but found it annoying in MP and the day for some reason it doesn't work, i was skrewed up by not remembering how to access other stuff, basicly i perosnaly found voice attack to make me become a spoiled brat. :) The only time i really had a thrill with is, was flying the Huey, for some CAS or troop extract/insert, by voice commanding door gunners and CTLD troop insert.
  15. Well.... my Carrier is traveling in the Persian « Gulf » Map... so it could host some buggies. :P
  16. June 20, 2019 (last page of the manual)
  17. It would be a pain and waste of time to always update the manual to fit the patches, so many stuf changes, evolves, moving around stuff in the manual to add or remove stuff etc... I can tell you as a computer graphics or (infographiste) i would tell the client to finish is product than having me move stuff around for a work in progress item, adding, removing chapters, merging, sperate chapters, fool around the index, table of content, taking snapshot temporary or having to redo them once stuff change, the actual manu helps for the basic stuff, all adictionnal stuff are basicly covered by Chuck Owl manuals if not, Wags, Grim Reapers and Redkite on youtube does often videos with changes and explains stuff pretty good. And remeber something, if they update teh guide, basicly in engish, they'll have to update all otehr languages, pay for languages translators everytime etc.. And they would have to remember what has been added in the Open Beta guide and the stable guide? That's my own opinion
  18. Or simply have buggies lurning around the deck to actualy push you back?
  19. Hey man! Indeed graphics hits a bit in VR, as for personal evolution in DCS, i started with panning around view with my Joystick, then i discovered TrackIR, but decide to go with a homemade solution (talking quite a while ago, around 2009 or so) bought a Microsot webcam for about less than $20, took out the IR filter in it, bought some IR LEDs, wire, capacitor, then made my own headtracking clip using the « FreeTrack » software, the traking experience brought my sim experience up quite a notch. Used it for a while, but decided to give a try to the real TrackIR, the difference was pretty decent, a nice upgrade experience, then a while after, i decider to leave the basebal cap clip fort he TrackIR, and decided to grab the TrackClip Pro, then the quality went up quite a lot, loved the upgrade. Finaly, 2 years ago or so, i decided to give a go to the Oculus Rift, which i tried at a friend, then the experience went up i'd say, 200%. The lost of graphics for the feeling of looking around and see stuff, when you have aplane on your back and need to look behind, you really need to look behind, not just turn your head 2 degrees on your chair and it translate into 180 degrees in game. Leaving my office walls to look down in the cockpit and see myself as a pilot, the feeling going up around and trough a nice white cloud, the feeling when you're a few feets away at the KC-135's ass to refuel, the feeling you first get there with the feeling of the impressive size of the tanker, or when you'Re on the carrier deck, and taxi near the tower and have to look up to actualy see the top of it and having the height feeling (not too mention the thrill now with the SuperCarrier deck crew), yess quality is a bit worst, but to be honest i never really found the onscreen sim looking too real, it's too sharp, too saturated, yes i got good graphics, when i raise my eyes up a bit and see my window with the broken blinds, it totaly take away the immersion. Just the thrill of pressin CTRL-E and eject and parachute. You eitehr have the choice to have massive graphics but feel like sitting on a deck in an office looking at a screen, or having less good graphics but really have the feeling you're flying, personaly, i fly sims for what i couldn't go in real life, so i rather feel like i'm flaying than having the feeling i'm having bionic eyes and see everything in perfect definition with hyper saturated colors. To be honest on my side, no head tracker to begin with, TrackIR then finaly VR, where all 3 different experience in the sim, as much as MS FS 2020 looks awesome, reason why i'm holding back is the fact it ain't VR yet, and i just don'T wanna fly without VR anymore, even though graphics kick asses. Of course some gauges are hard to read, but the aicraft i mainly fly are the Hornet and Viper, which most stuff are on the HUD, but with VR Zoom, problem solve. Again, that is my personal taste, i always got into expensive hobby, so for me the hundreed trackir wasn't a problem, the money i soent when i was in large R/C Helicopter has nothing to do with the price DCS made me spent. Just felt sharing you my experience from all levels, hoping you'll find what suits you better and gives you a kick. :pilotfly:
  20. So, what changed that is causing this as it wasn'T doing this before i updated to recent patch? What major changes occured so i get this, we only went 2.5.4 to 2.5.6, what major changes in non major patach as it only went up from 0.0.2 ? Before i updated last week, game was quitting almost instant, and i had the same amount of RAM and VRAM. Onlt major changes i see would either be the Tomcat or SuperCarrier i installed, i'll try taking them off my mission and see.
  21. Hi, I was out of the sim for about a year, i just reupdated stuff a few days ago, and since, when ever i quit the game, either in VR or not VR, the game takes a few long good minutes. Anyone else having this, or any clue?
  22. Thanks Man, i was finaly able to get two OK 3 underline in a row, finaly not getting downgraded for not calling in the Ball, no more [bC] :) :pilotfly:
  23. Nice! Finaly found it, thanks!
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