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  1. I'm pretty sure on your way back to the airport while on ATC and A/P, leaves plenty of time to write down the markpoints coordinates to enter them as waypoint?
  2. We'Re talking DCS, so basicly most people even have a second screen to watch the time on the bottom bar, though on my side, in VR, both watches are useless, therefore i love the zulu time on the HUD or the stopwatch/time on the IFEI.
  3. Not too sure man, sometimes it seemed like it lost track as it went down not too long after i shot, though inside 9 nm. Anyways i sorta fixed the issue of not knowing the proper range to the target/laser range, i simply waited till the SA8 locks me knowing it made me about 9nm, then getting ready to fire, once it fired at me, around 6 nm, i then fired my mav, it was for sure in the laser's range and has enough kinetic energy for sure to get there. So mission success. I just never ever practice shooting down sam's with mavs at low altitude and pretty close to them so it kept getting me doing mistakes trying to hurry, i'm more the chicken shit type to drop either GBU or JDAMS from high altitude. Once in a while it was a direct hit shooting a few seconds after it locked me and sometimes the mav's just misses, but each time i shot upon shooted on, it was a direct hit. Thanks for the few tips i didn't know.
  4. Can't say exactly, i was out from the sim for about a year, and noticed this when i got back a few weeks ago. EDIT: I don't know which variant of the F/A-18 this video is from, but you can see the behavior as he takes off or when he lands, as soon as the E bracket shows, the time disapear, so i guess they decided to reproduce the real thing. .
  5. To show on the HUD i think, on the HSI, select TIMEUFC on the bottom of the HSI, then select ZTOD from the UFC making sure the two little green dots apears besides ZTOD on the UFC, then come out TIMEUFC meny by unboxing it on the HSI and the time will appear on the HUD with gears up and disapear once gears are down.
  6. Here's the final tests: 1- Shot once i got Full Box and MAV LKD on HUD, around +/- 9 nm or so, hit ground. i fired from 7k-7.5k ASL 2- Shot once i got shot at by SA8 at +/- 5.6 NM,Full Box and MAV LKD on HUD and direct hit. i fired from 7k-7.5k ASL 3- Shot once i got locked by SA8 at +/- 8.4 NM,Full Box and MAV LKD on HUD and direct hit. i fired from 7k-7.5 ASL In other words, no visual queue as per when in range of the laser as to know when you'Re below 9 nm if no direct WP or anything? Since Box is full and MAV LKD on HUD when mav is lock on laser either too far or in range of the laser....
  7. Anotehr test, i found out my X issues was i kept WP as designated target, so once lase spoted, MAV's triangle went from the TGT to the lased target, but having WP as designated target seems to avoid the MAV with the box which i didn't know, i finaly have the box queue, but even when i shot with the box filled for a few seconds, the mavericks touched ground quite before the target, later i'll just retry, but higher ground maxed i can go in there, 9.5k. Watching the tacview, shows i fired the mav at 9nm and it hit ground close to the jtac and not even the target....
  8. Here's 3 test i made, one at 7.5k ft, second at 95k ft, tracks are too large, can't even attach. i did a last test from 11k-14k and nothin, in those 3 cases, i kept having an X, once in a while the box flashed but never stayed, i tried to put the X right in the middle of the mav's boresight or stayed level and left the X where it track, in both test still no joy, i cannot get a solid box even as close as 5.5 nm from what tacview showed, i ended up even killed from sam and never ever got a filled box.
  9. I will retry and let you know, i didn't know about the X and filled box, will check it out, so far i did my release around 7k ft, as mission scrambles enemy migs if passed over 10k ft. I will retry and pay attention to the filled box and shoot only if i get it. I thought having MAV LKD on HUD was a safe queue for shooting.
  10. Hey guys, I need a little hint, as stupid as my help might sound. I'm doing my first campaign ever since i discovered DCS around 2009-2010, i tend to stay away from campaign because i suck. I love it so far, it's the Serpent Head 1, the guy did a cool hob. Though, here's my thing, in the mission, we need to meet with JTAC, get lased om 2 SAM sites (2 sams x 2 sites) then use AGM-65E, here my problem, SAMS shoota at 5.5 nm, Maverick locks around 10 NM and laser, i've read, lase around 8 NM. Now, my problem is, so many time i wast my maverick, because they drop way off where it locked, when it lock laser, i wait a few scond and shoot, usualy it falls off spot, as if, shot too far from laser to track, then i said, ok, ok, i'll wait til the SA8 shoots me, which will be around 5.5 nm or so, under the 8 nm of the laser, though, i miss a few times, i never finish the mission, cuz i run out of maverick killing the first 2 sams, i can't head back to Kutaisi to eitehr refuel or rearm, as triggers finishes the mission as fail. If the target lased is way off the WP reference over 3-4 nm from the target, as the Maverick just shows a IN RNG indication as no exactly distance to the target it locked on, how to i know when to shoot the freaking thing so it tracks the laser as i don't know the distance to the target to gauge the JTACs laser distance, cuz if i shoot when it looks, it doesn'T work, agm falls of course. Thing is, in this game, we never know when the JTAC are broken or not, when a ltitle thing miss set makes them not working etc.. I'm just a tiny hair from simply retsarting the mission, equip JDAMS instead of the mavericks, drop in a tpod to LST the JTACT laser on the TGP, if TGP doesn't track yet lasers, i'll simply drop my TGP on the targets, as with the many times i tried the mission and emptied all the SA8 by making them shoot at me, i totaly know the inches where they are, then i'll simply go in low and using terrain masking, LOFT Toss those TTOed JDAMS on those sucker sams. So in short, how to know when the laser will make the maverick track, when i'm in proper range? Thanks!
  11. At what stage animation is the shooter stucked at, arms up to go thrust up or kneeled down arm extented to shoot? Might sound stupid, though, are you sure is nothing wrong with the thorttle or something, that you get to at least mil power, if not enough thrust the jet won't simply launch and shooter stays in shooting position kneeled down....
  12. Counter-intuiative, not really, about 2+ years using my VR, the space bar on my keyboard is the easiest thing to find blindly (you know, the longeur, most centered and bottom keybord touch), like when you're driving your car, after a while you can tune down the radio, or the heat, without even looking, your hands go by themselves space bar is almost besides my throttle, so less than a second to press, and most, i can do it with my left hand, releasing the throttle a sec has way, way less sonscequences than releasing the stick with my right hand, to go select a radio menu. So for me, that does the job. My main issue with radio menu is, i am right handed and need to always use my stick hand to control the mouse, releasing the stick as you get in the groove is a bit less forgiving than the throttle. In other words, no more fooling around with tons of exeption voices setup, as my computer has major difficulty to understand my english accent, so that means, setting up tons of word in the windows voice dictionnay to properly understand, i got a bit tired to repeat 10 times in a row some stuff once in a while as it has a hard time to process. Now, a simple space bar pressing, yes, for me, is way more intuitive than having the feeling i need to repeat 10 times for my hard to hear elder neighbour. BTW i'm flying most of the time solo, so basicly being layzy is at it'S top, if not, if i'd really like to talk while flying, i'd still be flying with squadron and friend, but i hated to talk on the radio and maybe is the main major reason why i haven't decided myself to take flying lessons, the frightning of talking on the radio, so the little space bar pressing, is way perfect for me. :)
  13. Last time i tried this week-end with the Hornet on Open Beta, i had no issues to launch.
  14. Been out the sim for a bit less than a year, and came back last month. And i just found out, the page shown on the pilots kneepad, is actualy the page you put on our kneeboard. Damn i must had been asleep never to realise this, this is awesome! Though, one major flaw, it's as bright as the MPCD showing the map, looks like i'm having a backlit restaurant menu on my leg, at night it's even worst, i'm sure enemy planes would spot/see me further than a carrier can see a light house on the coast. :P
  15. You can actualy take off, land do what ever you want on neutral, blue and red airport, though guys said, only friendly airfield will offer services such as ground crew options. You'll have the menu, but you just won'T get answers on comm.
  16. Thanks for the reply. I'll try with TWS, i know it still WIP, i was just trying to reproduce what i've seen in videos. LTWS off, RWS, no donors. But doesn't seem to work for me. Thing is, i am trying to do as Grim Reapers did, in june 2019 video, though maybe some stuff changed since then. Didn't mentionned i was on latest Open Beta. Worst case scenario, i'll just use with LTWS, i just wanted to explore both ways and understand both. EDIT: It did worked in TWS + No LTWS, i guess i'll just use LTWS on and problem solve.
  17. Will try something. For now it only works if i have LTWS selected... EDIT: Here's the attached track trying manual interrogation without LTWS. FA18-01.trk
  18. Yep, i press a few seconds as Mode 4 Interrogation while TDC over on theradar and did also when STT interrogate, nothing happens, it will just stay Unknown, if i box LTWS, it will detect it as hostile... really dunno what i am doing wrong...
  19. Hey all, ok i feel stupid,trying to understand here, learning the IFF and SA, there a few post on this and trying what i read over and still doesn't work, when i enterogate an unknown, i get no replies, i made a Mig-29 spawn, between 20-30 nm, i get his EWR triangle indicator, IFF and D/L are both on, on the Radar Data page i unboxed LTWS so i can try to do manualy stuff. I cannot get the target to become bandit with red icons. I mouse over it on the Radar, press « Sensor Cpntrol Switch - Depress » and nothing happens well closer than 20 nm, and no response, fine, then i STT it, press the « Sensor Cpntrol Switch - Depress » again to interogate with NCTR, so i tried to IFF with both Mode 4 and NCTR and no joy.. it still shows as unknown.... what am i missing? Do i really need a donator to fully ID it hostile? I though if IFF Mode 4 interogate no response would be considered hostile than with STT NCTR interrogate would confirm second option and confirmed it hostile....
  20. That is weird, cuz on my side, it pretty much shows in, almost, any Task, i tried, CAS, Seep, Escort, CAP. Might sound stupid, but make sure you're using a country that oeperates it or something, tru USA, for sure it shows as F-14B, but for exemple, australia and Canada, i can't see it in the listing.
  21. Can't say man, never worked on video game building, i only said because all i know in 3D is when i build 3D environement in After Effect and each object can be enabled or disabled, casting shadow on other objects and receive shadow from other object, so i simply said i though the aircraft wasn't part of the hangar shadow projection as an object not a scenery, but i don't know anything about is, i just presumed. Personaly having the environement reflect on the hornet in a hangar doesn't really bother me, as 99% of the time the Hornet i start from the Carrier and as per inside cockpit floor pannels, most of the time i have the pilot body enable so i don'T really look the floor, only time i hide the pilot is to press the T/O Flaps button. But for your information, for a few times there was issues with the floor, i remember once ago, the landing gear lights were illuminating through the cockpit floor. GL with the research guys.
  22. Pretty much why we see stars more easily in countryside than high lighted cities.
  23. Menu/Options/VR/ Uncheck « Cursor Confined to Game Window » Thats the only way i found to fix this, though if you have multiple screen, and have a second screen set on your left, if you move the mouse on the screen limit on left it will change screen, but you get used to it When i loose my mouse i simply move my mouse right until it appears, and it will stick to my right most screen's right edge.
  24. I hope you do insert a USB Key in your computer to simulate inserting a key in the ignition of the car? :P
  25. Air Refueling and Carrier landings are my favorites stuff in DCS, so i personnaly passed lots and lots of time refueling, each new modules i grab who can A/A, i try it. If the boom operator is not broken as it was a while ago (he wasn't moving, so you had to directly connect the boom in the aircraft refueling socket), it's not too bad, drogue basket is another thing, specialy now with turbulence but, fun, so far from the A-10c, F-15c, AV-8B, SU-33, F/A-18c, M-2000c and F-16, after a few tries it ain't that bad, only one i ever had issues with was the Harrier (i will always remember those first few tiems with the Harrier, i just my VR and learning to try the Harrier in VR and i almost shited my pants with the size of the tanker), but after you found yourself some visuals references, all gets pretty easy, though sometiems it takes more time to connect then others and i still got to try the Tomcat.
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