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  1. I know this thread is old, but got out of DCS for a bit. The simplest way i'Ve found when i wanna used an existing mission and get rid of all the chitchat etc, is simply open the mission in the Mission Editor, take off all the unwanted Triggers with the text etc and what i don't want and save it in my Mission Folder and use this to practicwe what so ever.
  2. Seriously, people need to freaking chill up with the bitching and whining. I joined DCS or should i say, back then, A-10C Warthog in 2009, at an era there was Blackshark servers and A-10C servers, that's it, then they started by merging both Games together, we could Fly A-10c and come across some KA-50's, then, DCS World seen birth, then others Aircraft seen birth, then we discovered DCS World 1.5, wow that was a change, not to mentionned 2.5, then, ED gave permssions to third party developpers, and then tons of new modules seen the day. So many changes, so many new adition to bring us Simers notch up to realism (Wing Tip Vortices, Turbulence, Vapors etc..etc) list is long, Tendem Aircrafts, though yeah sorta buggy some times. So, unless of crying and bitching, just freaking be thankful and greatful to ED to bring this all along these passed years, if so, us, Military aircraft lovers, would stil be flying in crappy FSX with ugly looking and boring aircraft with stupid not modeled collision and doing mid air refluling on a tanker but imaginating an invisible floating bubble around the drogue basket. Or shooting down targets with some packs that sorta explodes etc.... Back then yes games weren't as buggy, but, game weren't launched on Early Access, Open Beta weren't much offered to public, you wanted something, you had to wait until it reaches the shelves in stores. You want no buggy games, simple, don't grab Early Acess Stuff, don't play games that have constant evolution in or changes or addition modules etc.. Grab a Console, and wait til games reaches the Shelve, then, yes, you might have less and less bugs issues. So let's keep bitching and whining, and maybe, ED will get fed up, stop supporting their product or release stuff years after it's done it's developpement so we don't get any bugs, or simply start treating DCS as a stactic not eveolving Sim World. So next time you bitch, or any others, sit down, lok back, think about what all that had happened and evolved in DCS / ED World, in less than 11 years, and maybe, using your head, you might try to understand al the hard work done to get there. That's my own opinion, BTW you want almost no nug stuff, grab A-10c Warthog or Blackshark or any crap non-clickable cockpit from FC3 and enjoy them, they are really old and pretty much finiched and almost bug free, though make sure not to use any new implemented stuff. ;) And next time you wish for something in your own order, your own little update, remember, there is maybe thousands of people in this community, with each having their own favorites modules, their own little whish list, their own little stuff they want fix, so take for exemple 200 people, having at least 2-3 item each different as priority, makes the math at how ED can please everyone at the same time, we just gotta stop being selfish and all wish our own little things. Gaming community got so much whiners and bitching since we can get games by a simple Download button, we sit in our confortable computer chair, after a hard day of work, or some of you guys after a day at school, and all we gotta do is press a freaking button that says PLAY or DOWNLOAD, while on the otehr side of the fence, those, are the ones who works their ass off on the day, and we dare whining at them like frustrated bitches and some even dare insulting them that they cannot work properly etc,, and have freaking no clue what developping a game involves. Always easy to bitch and criticise when not in the others shoes. Sorry had to say something about this, cuz each time i waste my time looking at update news on FB all i get to read is people bitching, asking their own little world bug fixes, thinking about their own little belly button.
  3. I Presume the guys in the Tower, holding their coffees and looking at each others says to one another « For **** sake, he's alone on the entire freaking carrier, why does he bugs us for instructions, can'T we just enjoy our cofee and do his things by himself, he has the entire deck for himself! » :P
  4. In other words, your Antenna Elevation is lacking power? Check your Keybindings :)
  5. Are you actualy thinking before asking things?Really? Have you ever browse through the forums, and actuay stoped and read about the bugs people ask ED to fix, some for long years, some new, some that comes and go, have you read all the people bashing and whining on ED either on the forums or Facebook, have you reaf the roadmap to what they plan to do, to either finalise some modules or even get them out of the EA states? Now you would ask ED to create a new behavior, yes it doesn't compute as easy, it's not just a click on my MMORPG firend's cartoon and select « Follow ». You are asking ED to create a system that would follow the tanker anywhere (im not a dev, but i am sure it involves way more thna only use the AI's behavior to refuel and apply it to players flyable aicrafts), follow the BOOM or Drogue Basket systems, cuz of course, gotta please both world, to connect to it, to follow the new behavior they are trying to implement because, let's face it, the majority of this Sim community want realism, so the wing wakes etc is what people are please of, so you want your new system to counter this, like an autopliot, but requires a fully proggrames AI to do it. You know many people, able to AAR is like an accomplishment, you think ED will waste all this time, skip all the core stuff needed to be done in the game/modules, for maybe not even 10% of the DCS community? As previous post said, you are not FORCE to do it, you can avoid it, there is so many airfields around, carrier you can drop anywhere you want, airfield, that YOU can decide which is firend or foe, versus real life, you can't even land where ever you want. The possibility to avoid AAR is so huge. Yes it's a pain to learn and as post up said, if you have the hardware (to be honest if you play with your keyboard and mouse, sorry, but asking ED to do something for that is a bit dumb) or if you are not disabled, anyway i am sure quite a few people on here with some disabilities ever does AAR. Again is a matter of try. If i can do it, anyone can. And if your arguement is, « i don't have the time to learn it », well, just don't do it. We already have autostart, which is, a huge huge step toward making the game not so hardcore as you say, we got options to set game as Sim or Game in controls etc... That's already a lot, but asking to create a sorta AI behavior to auto refuel, what's the point? One of the most impressive cool feature of the game for me in early 2010 when i discovered the game, was to fly online with other people to do formation flying, if at this state you want AI to fix this, might as well wish for ED to model a « Northrop Grumman X-47B » you'll be please. Sorry if it sounds rude, but sometimes, i find ourselves the community so freaking hard to satisfy, we are sorta all selfish, we are all want our own little wishlish, not carring for others and bitching at Developpers not to please our own all little tiny persons. But keep faith, maybe ED will hear ya and one day, they'll start to work on this and will break otehr core elements in order to implement this weird behavior that will for sure cause issue in Multi-Player with dumb people flying all over you. EDIT: Btw, if fuel is so much an issue for you and realism doesn't matter that much, in the Mission Editor, you can check Unlimted Fuel or i think even in your own Game Settings, fixes all the issues. ;)
  6. Thanks Sir. That's how i thoutht real life platcam would look like at night. I presume the LSO station is still a lot WIP and one day the Day/Night knob will be operational so will be contrast, brightness, as for now we can only see the landing light when touching the deck and in the wire.
  7. Hey all, I never was able to find anything about this, nd i always wondered about this since i join DCS a long time ago, but with the case 3 ops and carrier this bugs me a bit. Is there a way to see next pages of airfield list in the radio ATC menu? Lots of time when i am trying to do case 3 and tried to contact ATC at 50-60 nm, chances i most of the time from the mission i created, just can't, cuz airfield shows airfield closest to your location, so lost of time, the Carrier doesn't even make the list, i get to contact around 30 nm which is still ok for my purpuse, but i'm wondering if there a direct contact from what ever frequency is selected on my radios or simply have other pages?
  8. Seemed IR? Cuz on the Supercarrier i couldn't see anything until i passed the LSO station...
  9. Hey all, stupid questiuon here. I tried to find some real footage or on forums if a related thread, but no joy. On night landings, does real carrier have a sorta IR mode for the platcam, do they use it or it's another guidance system used ?
  10. I have both version, but i mainly keep Beta updated, i haven't updated stable for a long long time, only once did i swap to stable because something bugged me in Beta, and i can't even remember, i think it was when the Harrier came out or has something to do with the M-2000c, so it's been a long time ago. I personaly wanna have acess tu new stuff soon and don't mind a few bugs here and there, than the long wait to see it pop in stable.
  11. LOC2, Personaly what i do is, i follow the tacan, until i get the ICLS on final bearing (i admit i do the offset radial approach, not the straight final bearing one), once ICLS shows and i'm between 10 and 8 nm, i start flying the ICLS localiser. The tacan will always be offset right closer you get to the ship, my guess is the Tacan is located on the taller antenna on the island?. but i might all be wrong.
  12. Simple, open the mission in the ME, select the airborn aircraft, select the last tab, the 3 dots, then on last drop down menu in Helmet Mounted Device just below the rockets mode, select what ever you want between NVG and JHMCS. If not your misison and online, i presume you land and change it?
  13. If you press the boxed TGT on your HSI, does it still keep it or it release it?
  14. When mother tells you BRC, it's the heading of the carrier (more likely when flying visual i guess), when she says Final Bearing (using ILS approach i guess), is the angled deck strip and Radial is the 180 (reciprocal) of the Final Bearing (for now as they don't brief us to the offset approach).
  15. If you'Re more visual than all about reading, here's a good exemple and some explainations from Jabbers, it'S a bit old, a few things and behaviors might had changes, but still might help you.
  16. I start using a mod in VR to note stuff « dcs-scratchpad-master », pressing CTRL-SHIFT-X makes it appears, it's a small window that pops anywhere in game and you can write stuff in it, i use it to type in coordinates, leave F-10 map view, and once in cockpit i simply type back the waypoints with that small window opened besides.
  17. Ahh the joy of DCS AI lasing JTAC, i think they been broken more often than lights in DCS. Only JTACT i'Ve even seen working 100% was using the CTLD JTAC script. A radio option to re0ask lasing wouldn't be realistic, but far more useful to fix the limitation of AI JTAC and lots of time, avoid the need to check-out with him to re-check-in to restart the attack and re-aquire the laser.
  18. Not sure if i'm off subjet, but seems now the Hornet ADV appears if trim is set below 16 degs when launching/addding thrust, as, if i remember, 44k lbs and below it should be 16 deg, 45k-48k 17 deg and above 49k, 19 deg. On the cat, you can clearly see the ADV going off as you trim 16+. So before taking off, a quick look at the CHKLST page it shows weight and trim. And i think hitting the T/O button resets trim (i think) and setting it to 12 deg.
  19. TPOD on or not, what i personaly do, when i launch, i do the usual offset from BRC, fly below 500 ft up to 7 nm then i head for my course, on that 7 nm leg i usualy take the time to trim my bird, same when delivery ordonance, once it drops your bird gets off balanced, so i retrim, i do the same when going back to the carrier or before the break and overhead pass the carrier. Dnno how the real pilots does in RL, i might do it all wrong, but i do it this way on my side. Remember, having a TPOD on on side, is almost like having a GBU-12 (seems to almost weight the same in DCS) on one side only, i'm pretty sure the aircraft would bank the side of the GBU.
  20. I have stable and open beta installed, but i only keep Open Beta up to date, i usualy hop on stable if something really bugs me and broken on Open Beta latest version.
  21. I personaly already do ( or try to ) the offset approach, you just gotta add the 30 degrees to the Final Bearing Mother Marshall give us. The only thing, opposing to you is i contact Mother around 10 nm from the DME, so i can at least practice with one turn in the holding if not if i contact here too far, it doesn't allow me enough time to settle and do a turn, most of the time she only gives me 10 minutes to settle, pretty low tim when trying to master the procedure.
  22. EDIT: My computer is way older than yours, I7-2600k, 16 gb ram, GTX 1070 8gb running on SSD and using Oculus Rift VR. I don't think your specs might be the problem. Are you running any mods, a user file's mission etc..?
  23. I just tried on my training mission, one on each station, droped as QTY: 4, MULT: 1, INT: 50, Fuse: INST and Nose, on Open Beta and no problem.
  24. I can say two words, « Open Beta » patch, i'd recommend staying away from Open Beta version, just use stable, or have both install and when a bug in OB pisses you that much, hold tight in Stable until fix. But again, if bugs ain't your thing, Open Beta and Early Acess might not be for you. If the bug also occur in Stable, well, sorry. :) PS: Before writing in CAPS and yelling at ED, do some search to know if the model of JHMCS modeled in DCS or planned, is the one compatible with NVG.... but again, my best guess is..... if they made this radio option in this patch, morelikely is the fact they planned to model the version which can't carry NVG?
  25. I know the feeling, same here, i've been out the sim almost a year, i was able to refuel the Hornet right hand on the stick and left hand on a beer, now it takes me quite a few tries... well maybe some changes also occured since that time... :joystick: You have an Helmet on, no one will recognize you, don't worry. :P
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