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  1. OK, it is all working. This code creates two tables of Blue Client Names from the Unit field, like 'Blue A-10C 01' and 'Blue FA-18C 39'. One table, aircraftClientBlueCASNames, holds the pilot names for CAS aircraft type roles and the other for CAP aircraft types, aircraftClientBlueCAPNames. I have to define which aircraft go with which type roles in the CAS and CAP library tables. So, if I add a Client aircraft to the mission and I have not put the aircraft type into the code then when the mission starts the 'missing' type(s) will be displayed. With the Blue Client names in t
  2. Thank you Grimes. I have the table aircraftClientBlueCAPTypes and I want to know if everything in here is in aircraftClientBlueCAPTypesLibrary. The Library table can have more types in it. I will work on the code and get back with the result.
  3. I have two tables and need to compare, for instance: aircraftClientBlueCAPTypesLibrary = {'F-15C','FA-18C_hornet','F-14B','F-16C_50'} aircraftClientBlueCAPTypes = {'F-15C','F-14B'} What is the lua code that I can use in a Do Script action to return either: trigger.action.outText('aircraftClientBlueCAPTypes are matched', 20) or, trigger.action.outText('aircraftClientBlueCAPTypes are NOT MATCHED'), 20) ? TIA! I tried a simple 'if a == b then', and a 'function do_tables_match( aircraftClientBlueCAPTypesLibrary , aircraftClientB
  4. All Of Coalition Out Of Zone, should not consider FARPs v256.59625.1 For the Event Condition of 'All Of Coalition Out Of Zone' a Static Object FARP is considered in the evaluation. This is a mistake. A Static Object should not be considered. My examination shows that only a Static Object FARP is; other Static Objects and coalition airfields are not. I have included two mission files that have: a FARP within the Mezzeh Airbase zone, and one with the FARP out of the zone. There are Radio F10 Menu options to Deactivate the regular group which should give a All Of Coaliti
  5. Thank you for posting this idea Tom_ I have been voicing this idea for a while to my friends. I call it a Universal Client Slot. Airfield parking slots are already restricted to aircraft. The very large aircraft can only go in certain slots. Only very small fighters can fit in the reinforced covered slots on the Syria map. There are helicopter-only slots. There is already built-in logic for parking slot and aircraft compatibility. So if there is a Blue airfield with Universal Client Slots then a client should be able to choose one of those slots and choose a B
  6. Ahh - same issue a little bit further south on the 4 lane, at N 35 35 22 , E 35 56 50
  7. This is from a few years ago. This script is called when a helicopter lands for 2 seconds, and then a MANPADS team is spawned at the location. It uses MIST to get the position and heading info - --- Stinger Drop Vulcans vs Sharks --- triggered by an event that detects landing -- for Clients: -- UH-1H 01 Nalchik Cold Start, BLF VGrp90 Stinger -- UH-1H 02 Nalchik Cold Start -- UH-1H 03 FARP London Cold Start -- UH-1H 04 FARP London Cold Start -- UH-1H 05 FARP London Cold Start -- UH-1H 06 FARP London Cold Start -- UH-1H 11 Stinger Teams Cold Start, BLF VGrp04 MANPADS local
  8. Syria map. Broken Road Intersection, N 35 38 0, E 36 0 19 Broken intersection from the 4-lane highway to the east road. See the screen shot.
  9. Why can't I sort the Trigger Zones List yet?
  10. ME Briefing incorrect ASCII Alt-248 When entering text into the Mission Briefing, Alt-248 should enter the 'degree' symbol of ° Instead, it brings up this - Φ Please fix Alt-248 to show the degree symbol °
  11. The new automatic Pilot Naming is the worst. Where is the setting to turn it off?
  12. Offer a 'Universal' Client/Player Unit Type for aircraft slots. Example: An A-10 slot that will accept the Player's livery of either a A-10A, A-10C or A-10C II.
  13. Plus, the Zone List Window should close when clicking on the map outside of the window.
  14. And, the Radius value in the two fields needs to be the same value.
  15. The Zone List needs to sort on the Name column.
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