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  1. rob update the website ;) its under construction for a month ;) ciaoooooooooo dont be lazy :P
  2. kato our skin is at www.iat-aerobatic.com download it for the mod and thx for your time ;) see you on the air
  3. the IAT team will be there but in this moment i cant talk about the briefing and the pilots because our team leader is on holydays ;)
  4. there are some screens doing barrel rolls , loopings and split.. i hope you like it ciao
  5. thanks you =RvE=Cain , i prefer fly in formation than do war mission , but i like it too ;) cya
  6. thanks you shamandgg in the next weeks ill do a video of su-27 flying ;) byeee
  7. some screenshot of this evening with the su-27 i hope you like it
  8. IAT (illusion Aerobatic Team) http://www.iat-aerobatic.com
  9. or http://www.pbase.com/lambite i hope you like ;) bye
  10. hi there are some screeenshot from IAt #1 Zaguruinzasky #2 Lambite
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