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  1. Seems to only affect monitor mirror on Quest 2. Expect ReShade doesn’t know which buffer to target.
  2. Got my 908 from the Gametrix shop. Payment was hard but accomplished via bank transfer to an employee from Latvia. Delivery took a week with customs missing their chance to charge me.
  3. I think I see it in the 2.01 update. Can anyone else confirm?
  4. Really enjoying this experience ... The immersion factor recently triggered the purchase of a 4K TV and GTX980Ti. Wanted to ask if it's possible to redo earlier missions than your current progress? I thought of saving a Track each time and then restarting from that. Does that work or is there another way. Many thanks Paul
  5. Pilot's manual also from Lulu, its the A-10A rather than A-10C though. http://www.lulu.com/shop/united-states-air-force/a-10-thunderbolt-ii-pilots-flight-manual/paperback/product-2496428.html Much of the DCS documentation comes verbatim from this document.
  6. Colour Manual from Lulu Its a beast but great for reading away from a screen.
  7. Lulu colour manual Received this today. It's a huge price but around 20% larger page size and twice as thick and hard bound. It's beautiful, I dread to think how much I've spent on this Sim since the LOMAC days!
  8. Fixed Thanks, I didn't find the cookie but tried in Chrome rather than IE9 and it worked. Many thanks!
  9. I'm logged in and added to my Cart. Then at the cart page I appear to be no longer logged on. Rentering my login details takes me away from the cart page. Returning to the Cart page and I'm not logged in again so cannot select a payment method. I've used the shop in the recent past to buy UH-1. Could you help please?
  10. Thanks, it is reassuring that there are many happy years/releases ahead for us all.
  11. I'd guess that its the military contracts that make the consumer business possible but of course I'm not in a position to know. The quality of the simulation available to us for $60 is superb. My feeling is that the value of DCS is much greater than what we pay for it. This is great for us the consumer short term but are there innovative ways we can help ensure that DCS evolves and survives long term?
  12. Flight simulation is specialised and possibly diminishing hobby, yet for us enthusiasts it is enormously exciting and some spend a lot of money on improving our experience. I’ve been a fan from the Flanker 2.0/2.5 days (I bought but never got into), all the LOMAC/FC iterations and then onto BS (played a little) and A-10 (loving it). Over this time these $40-$60 “games” have leveraged the purchase of 2 new PC’s, 5 graphics cards, 3 40”+ displays, 3 TrackIRs, most of the Saitek sticks and finally the Wartog HOTAS. I hate to think how much money this adds up to. So since ED/TFC’s brilliant work
  13. Thanks for the reply, I did try what you suggested but no joy. I ended up reformatting and starting from scratch (unfortunately sacrificing an activation!). I think one of the crossfire monitoring utilities didn't uninstall correctly giving me the problem.
  14. I've been messing with various programs to assess crossfire performance with DCS A10 and FC2. I've installed/uninstalled msiafterburner and radeonpro. Somewhere along the way I've picked up the red square in the top left of the display when loading that changes into flashing white/pink/yellow/red squares when the sim runs in Crossfire. Does anyone recognise this and can help me get rid of this, please?:cry_2:
  15. Any chance of bigger explosions,please? Possibly too late a request at this stage but I wish the explosion blast effects were more realistic. It is disappointing that large bombs have so little impact in the game whereas in actuality huge dust clouds are thrown up by blast and heated air and take minutes to settle. Also smoking targets/buildings should produce larger more diffuse clouds over time. The current effect seems too compact and uninspiring at present. I've enjoyed the series since the first LOMAC days and am a great fan but I do wish my munitions had more impact. More visib
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