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  1. Wayne his wife and son stopped by and during a vacation to Yellowstone National park it was a pleasure to meet him and his family we spent an afternoon in the pit and discussing cockpit building. He will be missed.
  2. Looks great my friend cheers
  3. no plans to shut down just looking for some time to make 6mm shaft hole variants of the knobs Check out this on FB https://www.facebook.com/DMAFB/videos/2868036266793543/
  4. This has some grat cocpit views really suprise at the movment of the MIP just have not seen it flex that much before check it out.
  5. for the DVADR switches take a look at the -1 for the number of possitions
  6. sorry I don't currently have access to the pit checking my files The NMSP PTR switch is just an on on Honeywell TW series Switch. DVADR switches on the front left control are mini switches TW 1/4 inch bushing MS27716-22-1 the canopy switch lockes in the top open possition must be moved in to the center possition and springs back to the Hold center possition if i remember correctly so it my be a P type lock on a round headed TW switch
  7. Sweet footage just had to post
  8. Hansolo fixed all problems with the TACAN panel Check his thread
  9. That switch has been corrected in the A-10C Warthog Switch list the switch is a round top locking toggle with an A locking three position switch MS27409-1A (corrected) this is a 4 pole. you can get by with a double pole 2TL1-10A, MS27408-4A or a single pole A type round head. ah by the way nice to see my thread has warranted a 1 star rating thanks
  10. Sorry to disappoint any one but RL has been a bit busy
  11. Watch ebay found some for a reasonable price. The caps were not correct but they work great
  12. Does any one know if the HMCS view can be exported ?
  13. Interesting thanks for the up date
  14. Nice work will you post a how to? or picture of your build?
  15. Hey guys has any One save this tutorial with pictures I can't seam to find the original to up date PB
  16. Sorry I missed your post I don't know of any one making accurate panel face plates. This is correct.
  17. use a mil spec switch(MS 27734-23)it works fine. you can find them on eBay on off (on). I gave the solution to Hansolo and he posted it for all in his thread where RK found it
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