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  1. as much as the Chaff rejection might be an important aspect for "realistic" or semis "realistic" missile behaviour then with chaff rejection being returned to previous value, I'm more concerned with the kinetics of the missile. Has this been improved on? When can we expect that to happen?
  2. any news regarding the missile energy with latest updates?
  3. EH? Occult Tunnels in DCS?... I think Occult isn't the term you're looking for
  4. Lol IFR I follow Roads.:lol: the term you're looking for is Dead Reckoning
  5. Apache fans check this out. http://combathelo.blogspot.dk/ video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=L8AHX8uXHpQ
  6. The ECM can help you if you activate it after SAM launch, causing the launching SAM to loose lock and the missile to self detonate and meanwhile you can get the hell out of the area. if you use it before then yes, you're just running deeper in to the SAM envelope, but if you know where it is, and just need to get in range to attack it, it could be useful.
  7. give me back my forests ED. Why is about 50% of the forests missing? You can clearly see where they are supposed to be from the shade on the ground and they're drawn on the editor and F-10 Maps but not actually there in game. They add so much to the overall look of the terrain. Where my maximum terrain setting that gives me all the forests vissible? I have it set to highest setting already.
  8. When you add an aircraft in the editor, one of the tabs above the waypoint info lets you set up system failures, but now only UH-1 failures are listed. IE the systems the UH-1 contains. no MFD failure or such relating to the A-10 or to any other aircraft. bug?
  9. I'd like to know where you get this from. Where does it say we'll see a DCS: F-15/Su-27 later?
  10. Could you elaborate on this? Do I need to assign a sound file to it? What frequency should I use and what ADF equipment, I've looked in the manual and tried a set up with one trigger assigned to UHF AM 234.000 MHz for the UHF Radio ADF mode and one trigger assigned to 1000 KHz / 1 MHz for the AN/ARN-83 and the radio selector knob to radio 2 and 3 respectively, but the CDI remains dead :( The trigger zone extended far around my position and I was well within 25nm.
  11. Pleeease... I have an imagine in my head of a dark matt green base colour but couldn't find an example, this'll do.
  12. tried this but it didn't generate new files, even after removing them completely, Editing the file in N++ to add the kneeboard controls suggested earlier also didn't work. :(
  13. I was so looking forward to that being fixed :(
  14. why do you even care about your single player rating? o.O
  15. Essah

    Ice and Snow

    winter conditions already affect the Black Shark if you don't take the required precautions and enable anti ice and heating on various systems. Same goes for the Prope heat in the A-10C (although wing ice and pilot body temperature isn't modelled it seems.
  16. so whats the conclusion? what's AE? Don't see it in the threat guide.
  17. You can already do this with the TV guided bombs and missiles on the Su-25T apart from that it would require GPS guided munition which I'm not sure the russians even have.
  18. Download DCS World (Free) Purchase and download Flaming Cliffs 3 Module (Three!) and install it into DCS world done
  19. I think its just the game engine incapable of handling all those objects detailed enough. I know at least online they warp around like crazy.
  20. there's a reason its called Black Shark and not Blue Shark dammit
  21. Out of curiosity. the L-39 mod you fly, is that related to the L-39 in development as DCS module or completetly unrelated?
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