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  1. So I recently picked this up and playing around with it, a few questions arise out of curiosity. Here I'm looking for real life answers, as opposed to how it may or may not be modelled currently or in the future in DCS. 1) The Jammer has a knob to adjust power and a switch to allow it to drown out your own radar. Is it insanely powerful or is the radar receiver "weak" (as for example this is not an issue on the F-16) 2) is the engine starter driven by vacume like the F-16 since it's able to start unaided by APU or ground power. 3) Any particular reason that it does not carry Mk-84 but can carry 1 laser guided varient of the Mk-83 and Mk-84, the GBU-16 and GBU-24. I'll add more as If I think of any. thanks.
  2. This is not the paint scheme of the Danish airforce per se. It's just the default paint scheme that General Dynamics (Now Lockheed Martin) gave all their F-16's by default unless something else was requested by the client Air Force. You will see it applied to the majority of F-16's flying in various nations. I believe the dark grey is a form of early radar absorbing paint to reduce RCS. Now when we receive a new aircraft it's likely it'll again be some combination of grey colours as default on the F-35, Eurofighter Typhoon or F-18 (whichever is picked as the replacement) but it won't be this exact combinations since it's simple the default of the F-16, not the scheme of the RDAF. Since F-16 is the only fighter jet in the danish airforce currently this is what our current aircrafts are painted as, but an actual danish scheme would look more like this: granted this is from the cold war and would probably not be used again in modern day application. The Star fighters were also used with a flat dark green similar to the one on the Draaken.
  3. Again it's a Mirage 3 but I love this skin so much and it's not unthinkable that the Israelis could have bought Mirage 2000 to replace it.
  4. Anyone know what kind of avionics it will have? MFD's? How many? (I know the older pits had just 1, while newer ones have 3) Will it have datalink and some kind of tactical display HSD/TADS like the A-10C/F-16 ?
  5. Essah

    Included skins?

    I would love to see the Mirage demonstrator skin from Sky Fighters (Chevalier du Ciel) :D I remember one was included in the AdA mod for FC2.
  6. Su-27 has FBW simulated. that's what the S key overrides allowing you execute Pugachev's Cobra. If it's 100% accurately simulated is another question but there is something, If there weren't, flying it would be like flying with the S key override enabled all the time... try that for a minute :P
  7. I'd like to take RECTIFY TWO, FOUR (number 4 Mi-8 gunship)
  8. Jammer pod appears to be non-functional see this thread: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=131879 After having fought against MiG-21's in BMS flying F-16, similar in capability to the F-15 the tactic the AI uses there seems to be one of the best bets for the MiG-12 against superior adversaries. Hug the ground to avoid being detected by enemy radar, let the GCI vector you to the target, but instead of turning on your radar, stay radar off, slide in below him as you're climbing, make sure to stay in dead angles below, and as you approach his altitude come in behind, Close in at a slightly lower altitude and eyeball the range for when you can make an IR shot. A good F-15/F-16 pair would fly in a line abreast formation in order for each pilot to be able to check his wingman's six o'clock for a silent attacker behind. A singleton flying straight could be a realistic target.
  9. IL46 had a really neat feature with the dots for aircraft at long range. the dits themself were really small but made sure that you could still detect object that were sub-pixel size. Either way, despite all the naysayers the poll results clearly show the popular wish
  10. Enabled limited munitions for an airfield and my MiG-21's would spawn without weapons and droptanks if the available count for a given weapon was 100 (or 0 which I imagine is intentional. Total available includes missiles loaded on planes on the airbase at mission start.) also this: why is there 2 R-60M entries, why is there no 2x R-60A and 2x R-60M entries and what's up with the R-27EA and Aim-9X that no plane can carry in the game? is the system utterly broken? should I be posting this in the DCS world bug forum instead?
  11. I enabled labels and voila, Now I reliably defeat Excellent skill level F-4 Phantoms (with Aim-9P) no problem. having labels enabled to maintain sight did all the difference. It is way too hard to maintain sight without labels in DCS in the absence of metal reflections, shimmer and the natural ability of our eye to pick out small objects.
  12. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3378078/DCS/MiG-21vsF-4Dogfight2.acmi (Tacview ACMI) in this quick dogfight of 4 MiG-21 vs 4 F-4 I gave the 3 AI MiG's and myself 4 R-3S infrared rear aspect (???) missiles and the Phantoms 4 Aim-9P and no cannon the MiG's wipe the floor completely but they are able to shoot their R-3S head on and hit while the F-4 can only shoot from rear aspect (they do shoot if given the opportunity, but they didn't get it in this fight) should the R-3S be able to track from head on? I don't get any tone when trying to use it head on myself and can't launch so I'm wondering if this is another AI cheat that should be fixed. what about the R-60A and R-60M. Should they be able to track an F-4 in AB from head on, even in the presence of flares?
  13. there is no reason that a Western pilot in a western jet would not be able to communicate with say a eastern allied's GCI as long as they had a language in common. so Assuming a radar operater had learnt english for example it would work just fine likewise there is not reason that an english speaking pilot in a russian jet would not be able to call up a USAF AWACS and get bearings. There is no systems involved, it's just radio communication. DCS should assume that all factions in one coalition are able to speak the same language, even if in a mission for some reason you put Russia and USA on the same coalition, so this should be fixed definitely
  14. Surprised nobody has make a post about this but I find it a little odd that you can't hear any engine sound in the pit except for the afterburner. I know the engine is behind you, and that you are wearing a helmet, but still. Listen to this: Listen from 5:38. On one hand the poor quality camera Mic. most likely makes the engine noise sound quieter than it is when you are actually there. On the other hand the pilot is wearing a helmet, so assuming those 2 factors roughly cancel each other out, you should at least be able to hear something equivalent to what's in the video. You can distinctly hear the turbine whine spool down when he touches down on the runway. Has any of the Audio for the module been recorded from real MiG-21's like how Belsimtek did for the Mi-8?
  15. When you fire countermeasures 1 flare and 1 chaff appear below and behind the plane as seems intended but an additional flare appears off one wing and one additional chaff off the other wing.
  16. there is a mistake in the controls section. It says SPRD Start / drop countermeasure but it is actually the Jettison SPRD button (the one on the throttle with the cover) that dispenses countermeasures. whether this is correct or not, I don't know. when you dispense though I get one flare fired down and one chaff left behind the plane which feels realistic, however an additional chaff and flare are spawned on each side of the plane. I'm guessing this is a bug.
  17. It would be great to see an AI F-4B, Mirage III, IAI Kfir, IAI Nesher or F-104 along with fitting missiles, Aim-9B/D Aim-7D/E and whichever the French and Israelis used on their aircraft by then. The MiG-21 is ouclassed by the modern F-4E and F-15 with Aim-9P and later Aim-7 that we currently have. It looks like there is already a F-104 model in existence from the (abandoned??) DCS-104 project. Couldn't this model be used? The Aim-9B is also already modelled on the Sabre. Let it be fitted to the F-4 and it will already be a lot better. It's the little things that can make a big difference ED!
  18. There are a lot of other systems built in the Su-39 that you haven't mentioned that would take a lot of work to model. among others, a new navigation computer, Spear radar pod. the Su-25TM as the Su-39 is now known as program has been replaced with more affordable Su-25SM which includes some upgrades to the existing Su-25 airframes. (if you ask me that's a better idea because the Su-25T flies like a brick)
  19. what I found was that the superior turn rate of F-4, F-5 and L-39 means that any time you can turn 180, they can do it quicker so as soon as you've come around after the merge so have they, you merge again head on, no shot due to rear aspect only. pass each other, turn around merge again etc etc. You can never stay behind them. If you come down from above they will pull out of your way and reverse back in behind you once you overshoot. what to do :S
  20. Same happens for me, 2xR-60*4 doesn't work but 2xR-60*2 + R-60*2 (6 total) does 2x R-60A*2 + 2xR-60M*2 also works fine. Edit: What you guys makes sense except that 2x R-60A*2 + 2xR-60M*2 also works fine. that's 8 R-60 split with 4 of each variant.
  21. I don't understand why it causes blackout and not redout. When you roll around the plane's own axis the pilot is on the outside of the centrifugal effect so the G effect is outward, meaning pilot's blood should flow outward to his head, not away from it? or did I misunderstand something
  22. Pancaked down on a ventral fuel tank in a horrible attempt at a field ditch when I was out of fuel, expecting the fuel tank to either explode being full of fumes or soften my landing. What happened. It bounched back in the air to quite the altitude Later I tried ditching it on a road, gear clipped the railing of a bridge, I bounched upwards instantly blackingout, plane flipped inverted and came down upside down. slid for 50 meters or so before coming to a halt upside down... no damage Several of my friends I fly with report the same thing, little too much durability. I'll post track next time it happens (for sure it will)
  23. That makes sense, cos it deffo doesn't looks more like an Aim-9M than a Aim-9B/K-13
  24. Spotted this screenshot in the screenshot thread and couldn't help but notice the missile looking suspiciously like an Aim-9. I know some of the former Warsaw pact countries that joined NATO fitted Aim-9 to their MiG-21, Romania and Egypt As far as I know. Is that modelled in the game? or what's the deal with this screenshot?
  25. Essah

    IFV Sniping Jets

    Haven't tested it myself, but Indeed BMP-2 should not be more accurate than a Shilka. BMP-2 seems a little too quick and accurate agains A-10 for example
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