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  1. NO. WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG. People confidently giving out incorrect information drives me nuts. Semi Actives (SARH) does not turn pitbull, that's why they're semi active. they require aircraft guidance till impact, however as OP wrote, you can still turn 70 degrees to the side because this is still within the gimbal limits of the Hornet radar (60 degrees for F-15). Crank, dive and pump out lots of chaff. Then after a bit, make a cross turn where you turn back to crank the other direction, but do it quickly, and keep your burner on. Active radar guided like Aim-120 requires, guidance until the missile is pitbull, but it is not through radar illumination but rather through datalink telling the missile where the bandit is to improve the intercept course. once close enough it'll go active and use its own radar and at this stage you can drop lock. Su-27's don't have Active radar guided missiles, as it cannot carry R-77. The Chinese variant the J-11A can however. and same with MiG-29S (but not 29A) Please don't spread incorrect information if you're not sure what you're talking about Crowebar ffs man.
  2. No, the dimaond appears if you click designate on the HSI page, but the target command set from the HSI-Data page does not appear to have any effect. You can get the diamond on the ground for any regular waypoint
  3. ED has been adding lots of "new" countries since DCS was initially released however all of these newer added countries does not have the appropriate equipment, vehicles, ships and aircraft available. For example Polish F-16 and MiG-29, UAE Mirages and F-16's, Saudi F-15, Slovak MiG-29, Greek Hazard Perry destroyers etc. This seems like it would be a relatively minor task to look up military inventory and add the units currently existing in DCS to the appropriate countries.
  4. What is the purpose of designating a stearpoint as target in the HSI data page? It does not seem to have any effect besides putting a box around the stearpoint number.
  5. the Mirage 2000 has better IR missiles and can also carry SARH (although they are quite short ranged) and has superior maneuverability as well as a much much better radar. The F-5 radar can only really be used for rudimentary short range search and for determining weapons envelope. the Mirage radar allows for BVR (barely but its possible) combat. the Mirage also has more advanced countermeasures (including IR detectors) and more advanced ground attack modes including CCIP and CCRP. the F-5 has no range measuring equipment and so bombing has to be done the same way as in World war 2. simply put the Mirage is superior in every way. that said though the F-5 is a really fun aircraft to fly but if you're out for capabilities the Mirage wins, and is equally fun to fly.
  6. Thanks. I was able to set the stearpoint as target this way, but I still had to select designate on the HSI to get the Auto bombing fall line to appear. I also did not see a box on the target.
  7. The Target designate option on the HSI page lets you set a stearpoint as a target to mark it on the HUd with a diamond, however it is undesignated as soon as you change starpoint away, forcing you to do the designation just when you hit IP and have very little time to worry about going heads down. Very inconvenient. I would much prefer to set it up on the ground and fly my mission. Is this a bug or is this how it's supposed to function?
  8. Currently you can only select bombs and drop them if the fuse is set to Nose for some reason
  9. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=3481752 http://i.imgur.com/XDn7caU.jpg https://www.globalsecurity.org/military/systems/aircraft/images/fa-18_011218-n-9769p-047.jpg
  10. Adding more aircraft to each nation is something that has been needing to be done for forever. Still hoping ED will get on it soon. A lot of nations are needing aircraft they have historically. For example Slovakian and Polish MiG-29, and Oman, UAE and Qatar F-16's
  11. So how do we get it to the devs' attention?
  12. So now ED has added a new batch of states, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, yet they only have a limited set of aircraft available to them, (I guess the modules that are configured to be available to everyone) While historical inventory is not available such as F-16 for UAE Bahrain and Oman or Mirage-2000-5 for UAE (IRL they use 2000-9 but -5 is the closest we have in the sim) Oddly enough it looks like Iran has had a minimum of work done to add MiG-29, Su-24 and Su-25 to their inventory but no F-4. It is the same story regarding ground units. I understand ED is working on new vehicles for Iranian army, but please at least just add the historical inventory that is already featured in the sim to the newly added states. Poland, Slovakia and a whole range of other states are also missing historical inventory. What is the point of adding a new state if there's no relevant units available to them?
  13. What is this black dot that people talk about? I cannot spot aircraft at any range beyond something like 2 kilometers. At normal zoom level aircrafts disappear at anything beyond visual formation flying range and don't appear at any further distance. I have never seen any black dot. is it an option to enable?
  14. There's many real life pilot accounts in the Dogfights: Series that mentioned spotting bandits beyond 10km range yet in DCS small aircraft completely disappear beyond 1km on my monitor. Sure I need an upgrade but the game should guarantee visibility up to 10 clicks I'd say, and that's putting it conservatively. some conditions they spotted aircraft beyond 10km
  15. Does anyone have some knowledge of educated guesses on how airforces decide on their weapon choice for a given mission? I assume that weapon price is a factor taken into account so that you don't bring AGM-84 SLAM-ER for taking out a technical, but on the other hand, there seems to be plenty of accounts of Coalition air forces dropping GBU-12 on technicals? What goes into the decision making on when you bring expensive smart weapons versus dumb bombs and unguided rockets? I find unguided weapons more interesting to use generally and I like to challenge the pilots to fly my missions but at the same time I don't want to limit them in weapons just for the sake of it. I'd love if there was some matrix used to work out what kind of weapons the expected target warrents. maybe something along the lines of, undefended, no risk of colatteral - Category 1 - unguided lightly defended or risk of colatteral - category 2 - laser or TV guided. heavily defended - category 3 - standoff weapons, GPS guided and Sensor fuzed bombs. I'm basically wondering because if I always have free choices my loadout would always end up with Guided bombs for buildings and cluster bombs for enemy units, preferably sensor fuzed 97's. I'd love to have a good reason for loading 6 MK-82's no an aircraft, but I can't find any. any input valued.
  16. I've Attached my mission file for you to replicate it. If you are able to see what I'm doing differently I'd be very happy to hear what it is. I abandoned the mission idea so its in an incomplete state. Made with the current DCS 1.5 OpenBeta version (as of 11/12-2017) OperationIncision FleetDefence.rar
  17. I consistently have OT warnings immediately on mission start, despite sitting at idle. I suspect there's a bug. If not then I'm not sure whats up with the engine.
  18. getting repeatedly frustrated about the AI seemingly not giving a shit about instructions given to it in the editor. I just attempted to make a Slight of Anti-ship SU-25TM armed with antiship missiles to approach the target fleet at 200 feet and the ai of course decides its better off immidiatly climbing to 10.000 and firering from there despite having waypoints set to 200 feet. I understand there's an interest in getting better range from higher altitude but I wanted the AI to deliver from sea skimming and it doesn't seem to obay. Anyone else find the AI to do its own thing always?
  19. Is the Harrier not supposed to have any indications of Stearpoints in the HUD or is that just not implemented yet? It is a critical tool for me to locate target areas.
  20. Turns out that even with simulated eye protection, staring at the sun is still bright as ****.. who would have guessed.
  21. How come the more recently added countries such as Finland and Slovakia still don't have historical/real life units available to them? They all have access to the same range of aircraft (I assume because 3rd parties made them available to all) however historical units such as F-18C for Finland and MiG-29 for Slovakia are not available? Same regarding ground and naval units. furthermore, Only western units have the FAC tast available to them, a limitation to some mission ideas.
  22. Are we expected to believe that that will happen in the foreseeable future?
  23. Well They can certainly tangle with F-4's, and defeat them. I'm almost certain that in a turning fight the F-14 is outperformed by MiG-29, Su-27 and F-15 but it will for certain have an energy advantage over MiG-21, MiG-23 and F-5, however as mentioned it's quite a big and heavy fighter, so just like the F-15, the name of the game will be BVR and vertical energy fighting. In the case of a human backseater, you'll also have the advantage of an extra pair of eyes to look around.
  24. if I enable the fire extinguisher test system and the squib test switch on the same panel and turn the rotary to the 3rd position (from the left) there's a loud bang, a puff of smoke comes from the exhaust and the co-pilot and engineer dies. can anyone tell me what exactly happens? what is squib test?
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