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  1. Stumbled over this on YouTube and it is well worth watching: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lo_irQ9bjzU&t=1688s
  2. https://www.amazon.com/Terror-Starboard-Seat-Dave-McIntosh/dp/0825300258 Terror in the Starboard Seat: A truly good read by a Mosquito FB VI navigator who rode 41 missions with a wild man for a pilot. Mostly, his duties consisted of what the pilot kept yelling at him: "Look out the back!" Highly recommended!
  3. If you get rudder pedals (or even a twist stick) and turn off auto rudder, you will find what you are looking for.
  4. Great module! My only complaint is not with the F-86 but with the AI Mig-15. Even on rookie setting, the MiG is entirely too good. Needs to be nerfed. But that just makes thjings more challenging (frustrating). Buy it! You won't be sorry.
  5. Andrew, I couldn't agree more! In fact, I could have written most of your post. My only disagreement would be about Vietnam. I was there. It was a terrible war that served no purpose. Counting civilians, various estimates claim 3.4 million to 3.8 million people were killed, including about 56,000 GIs. For what? That said, I love the DCS prop jobs and especially the P-47. I've been writing historically accurate (within the limits of DCS) missions for it under by nom de plume tttiger. My favorite uncle was the adjutant of the 406th Fighter Group all across Europe. I met many of the s
  6. Check the date you are using for the mission or turn off the little clock in the bottom right of the screen. When it's on you're locked a a set date and if the plane had not been flown operationally by that date, you won't get it.Turn off the clock and date won't matter any more. Hope that helps.
  7. Cunning Fox, this is just a troll, right? If you have problems with the way DCS modeled the Spit 9, this is the place to come and make a case for change. But ONLY in the model. Which, apart from a few quibbles, most people here believe is a very accurate depiction. You have to be careful about not firewalling the throttle constantly and not trying to zoom with German fighters. Wait until they come back and out-turn them. Your problem seems to be with the actual airplane. Well Supermarine went out of business in 1957 and designer R. J. Mitchell died in 1937, so I don't think there's anyon
  8. HotTom


    And their glory days in the Ninth Air Force were just beginning.
  9. Okay. I finally got this sorted. Trial and error always has been my method of figuring out computer stuff. But why so many errors? Why do I never hit it on the first trial? Never mind. Rhetorical question. So, in case this ever happens to anyone else, here's the solution: As I describe above my quest was to get rid of the corrupted P-47 module. Tried the little red trash can in the Module Manager. It was still there. Tried the disable switch in the Module Manager. But when I enabled the module again, it was still corrupted. Then I removed Saved Games and let DCS replace it. Nada. So, I thou
  10. Thanks, Gav. It's still working in the stable version so at least I can fly it. But I really prefer the Open Beta. Stuff gets fixed faster. Have a great Thanksgiving!
  11. Tried uninstalling the saved games folder (just gave it a new name) and did a repair and, yes, a new one reappeared. I used the trash barrel in installed modules to remove the P-47 (it showed it installed) and then downloaded and installed another P-47 module. It appears in the manager as installed again but he game refuses to recognize it is there. So, I'm still at Square One. The game refuses to recognize my P-47. Any ideas? Anyone? Buehler? Buehler?
  12. Good tip! I'll try it! Thanks!
  13. Thanks, Art. I tried that but I think when I renstalled the P-47, it just put back the bused content. I decided uninstall and reinstall all of DCS. Time consuming but I can't think of anything else. I'll report results.
  14. I went to write a mission in Mission Editor today. I opened dcs (openbeta) and there was no P-47 wallpaper (that was there yesterday). So, I looked on my Module Controller and, yup, P-47 was an installed module. Looked good. But I disabled and then enabled it again. And restarted my computer. Back to DCS... Mission editor allowed me to place a P-47D-30 and D-40 but didn't allow me to select "player" for either. I could select "client" and start as "client" but only with externals view. And, when I called up my mission list, it didn't show P-47 as an option even though it always has be
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