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  1. I think it should be OK, as you can still move you eyes to the right and thus see the entire screen in the Oculus. I mean, it's not like if you cover half of the lenses, as your eyes can move around, so what you can do is put what you want to focus on on the right side of the screen and then move your eyes to the right, this way you will have the whole picture in view, for both eyes. That said, I don't remember how the focus on the edges of the screen is in the oculus, Rift users should be able to tell at which point looking on the side is practical in terms of focus. If focus is good all the way to the edges of the lenses, then you should be able to use it normally.
  2. Usually that kind of filtering is done at a different level in the system (if done at all). For example, let's say you have a sensor that has a fixed set of parameters (which may or may not be configurable), in return the sensor will output everything it find that falls into those parameters. After that (at the next level), all the sensor's input will be grouped together, tracked (i.e. the system will try to link one detection to another detection in the previous cycle). Detections will then be confirmed or ignored, based on the track history, that the raw sensor doesn't know about. For example, a detection that has is not moving over time, or has a calculated speed that does not correspond to it's predicted path, or unrealistic speed, whatever. Filtering by sun position would fall into those categories. But due to the number of things that could go wrong with this approach (aircraft attitude, time of day, geo localisation, weather), my bet is that there is no such thing in the DDM, only raw filtering based on strength (and maybe spectrum). But why not :D
  3. Certainly not linked to sun's position at a given time, sensors aren't that smart :D Flitering would be done based on size/intensity => anything that is bigger/brighter than X or is in whatever spectrum is filtered out, that's it. I worked on sensors, not optical, but I guess the principle is the same, you know what you're looking for (in terms of size, spectrum, etc), anything that falls out those parameters is ignored.
  4. Deleted my comment... I see the issue
  5. OK thanks. I flew it and finished it succesfully, I think M07 didn't work at first because some flags weren't set at the beginning of the flight, due to the offset.
  6. Ok, I think I found the issue... I had forgotten to enter the initial position in the INS during startup, so my whole flight was offset (at least until I got the coordinates, were I did an INS update, seeing that I was way off)... :D
  7. Maybe I cut the corners on RTB, I'll try again with strictly following flight plan on return from WP4 (i.e. 3-2-5-6-7)... After having SABRE takeoff, did you have to complete other tasks? I didn't. Thanks
  8. Hello, I'd like to know if the bug affecting the triggers could prevent M07 to finish. I could hear TWO most of the time, however after completing all tasks successfully, I got the dialog saying flight is RTB, little chit-chat on the way home (about doing CSAR with the Mirage), but after landing nothing happens, even after taxiing to designated spot. If I quit, mission is deemed a failure (can't progress). Had this twice, I don't want to fly it again if there is a mission-breaking bug. On first try my wingman ejected due to lack of fuel (even though I told him to RTB), so on second try I made sure he hit the tanker before going back, I also waited for him to land, but no dice. Thanks!
  9. Hello, for info I had the exact same issue (Requires another product), which got solved too, eventually. The "BUY" button for the F-5E aggressors campaign didn't show up until I got to the NTTR store page (which was showing "BOUGHT" as expected) and pressed the "SHOW SERIAL NUMBERS" button. Maybe it's not related and it was a mere coincidence. It's worth trying in case somebody else has the issue.
  10. Good news indeed! Thanks for sharing it, I'll be looking forward to it (I'm eager to get the Harrier as well) :thumbup:
  11. I totally agree to that! We need content. Actually there was a little poll run by Wags (What do you want to see most in DCS World?) a while ago and the dynamic campaign system was what came largely ahead, so they're pretty much are aware of this, no doubt we'll see something happening after the F/A-18C is out. On the M-2000C I already done all the trainings, the campaign seems really good, I'm looking forward to go in deeper (I only completed a handful of missions so far).
  12. It's the knob on the bottom left of the HUD console (it's around 15 by default, in meters).
  13. If you pop them only when they are lit, there is a nice animation once they're all gone.
  14. Target aspect I think, can be 0 to 180. 0 means cold (flying away from you), 180 means hot (flying towards you).
  15. Yep The description isn't very good in that manual. I still think it is a LOC deviation only (as it is currently is RAZBAM's implementation), because displaying a real runway axis in those conditions require 3 additional info: the runway orientation, the distance and the LOC beam width (a LOC beam width depends on the installation, it's not the same on every airport). Alternatively, runway threshold geo position. I didn't see any place we enter the course or the beam width, and the distance to ILS is not displayed either (it looks like there is no DME, since the TACAN is used). This is why the synthetic can only be displayed when a waypoint had been defined. fenetre de guidage can mean whatever you want. Put the aircraft model in the box => put yourself in the glide path. Again, not really conclusive. Also on the same diagram, where the little box is off to the left, the legend says "ECART EXCESSIF LOC", which means "excessive LOC deviation", so this points again to a raw deviation. Dassault is not Airbus nor any Russian manufacturer and civilian aviation is not military aviation. They do what they want, so I don't see how this could be used as an argument. Only a real M-2000C pilot will tell if the current implementation is good or bad, I based my own educated guesses based on my knowledge on avionics and the manual.
  16. Read the real M-2000c manual (there is a pdf), this is how it is meant to be. The dashed line is referred to as the "runway axis, after LOC capture and before GS capture". The little box is referred to as GS and LOC deviations. I believe the equivalent of the FD in this case is the presence of the synthetic runway. On a B737 (or whatever liner), I think the FD can be used because the system knows the runway axis, in the M-2000C that information is not available unless you have a landing waypoint, which makes the synthetic runway available. On the other hand, there is an autopilot mode that can follow the GS/LOC for automatic approach, possibly it could be used for FD as well but I didn't find any reference to it, that would be what you're looking for.
  17. This has been stated somewhere in this forum, iirc backup ADI has it's own gyro, and HUD is using it instead of the SEC mode of INS. edit: found it:
  18. PiedDroit

    ECM upgrades

    I tried it today (NTTR) and it seems the selector is shifted by one (little bug). A- does nothing 1- corresponds to program 2 in the chart, 2- corresponds to program 3 in the chart, etc 10-corresponds to program 1 in the chart,
  19. MiG-29! It's the sweetest bird ever (and from the other side of the fence). F-16 is not far behind though. So... Both? :D
  20. The prism-shaped glass we see is probably not the sensor itself. Usually the shape of the protective glass is made so if doesn't generate too much distortion on the sensor's input.
  21. The M-61's feed system (drum, etc) adds 300-400lbs depending on the configuration, so it's not as light as you say I think.
  22. I think he only mentioned that the ejector seat was not french made as the rest of the A/C. Here's the quote: Vive La France ! It’s Sexy. It’s French – Dassault make fine aircraft and apart from the ejector seat it pretty much is 100%. Next sentence is: Future-Proofed – The M2000.... Which might have confused you
  23. Right now I'm flying using this homemade furniture (now painted, with an extension, see last picture), with a 2560x1080 screen, using an IKEA MICKE to support the throttle. Very compact for my small desk area. Feel free to borrow the concept.
  24. Maybe there is some integer rounding error... It looks your stick and profile work fine (I have the same values) , try changing saturation X and see if you stii have the issue.
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