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  1. Thanks for the detailed answer. I was thinking about moderate speed, rolling scissor situations. I guess I'll just try until I find what works best :D
  2. What about using the rudder to roll a bit while pitching? Is it a energy killer as well?
  3. This. I only wanted to highlight that you can lock anything you want, except if it's above you (or too far, I forgot to mention it) :thumbup: Hope you'll find the problem, maybe you can share a track (or a screenshot if track doesn't work)? It's usually a very good way to get things sorted.
  4. Repeating something ad nauseam doesn't make it right... Also, having the last post in a thread doesn't make you right either. You're only bashing it (without even trying it), not even being constructive, why? What is your stake in that? And you don't fool anyone, putting this as blatant game aid is exactly the same as being against it, only sneakier. I don't think that you're the only guy with the truth here while everyone is wrong. What are your fears? We can help you with that. We already know that you don't want this feature to make everything easily seen, but I really don't think it's ED's goal either. And everybody understood that. State your real business, or be silent. Thank you
  5. +1 on that. I'll add that "closest to RL as possible" does not mean turning it off IMO. To me the model visilibility alone should be kept subtle and supplemented by other effects that replicates RL, like light reflections and maybe a halo around the objects when against the ground to simulate the difference of focus (edit: and also our ability to spot moving objects against static background, which very hard to feel on a screen that displays a moving, shaky scene).
  6. Let's hope they will come up with is a "Realistic" setting, resolution-based that will make it realistic for everyone :music_whistling: That's the main hurdle with the current implementation, a given setting will looks OK on low resolution (and VR) but not on higher resolution which prevents using an identical setting for everyone. I know this is a repeat, but we shouldn't settle with a lock-able setting with current implementation, as this will invariably lead to the feature removed from most servers. This is well in line with all your posts... Kill it with fire?
  7. The problem is about figuring out what is actually realistic, not what gives or removes edge. Wether it was easier or not for you to come in unseen - or for the others to see or not see you - should not a matter of personal taste. Maybe a realistic setting will still make you an easy prey :noexpression: I agree the server should be able to lock the model visibility setting to a fixed choice (e.g. Small or Medium).
  8. +5 Who will guess the next one? Hint: F...
  9. I'm not really good at it but it helps keeping a mental picture of your ship in relation to the bull's eye, with updates every X seconds (by looking at the HSI). When you receive a bull's eye call you can roughly figure out where it is in relation to you. However this is not very accurate :( I'm quite interested to know which method works best too.
  10. Don't worry, this has been established several times already in the this thread ;)
  11. You can try using 1 screen and setting up a different viewport for the GUI, so you can still use the menus and the comms. See here: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=143536 Add the following code at the end of your monitor.lua (make copy in \Saved Games\DCS\Config\MonitorSetup\ folder): GUI = { x = screen.width/3; y = 0; width = screen.width/3; height = screen.height; } UIMainView = GUI(this is a sample code that will use the center 3rd of the screen for the GUI but you can put hardcoded values instead).
  12. That should do it... Check your NAV is configured (EAC, EGI, etc), it should be OK on a training mission. Check HUD SOI ("*") Slew, LCtr+down, LCtrl+up long. You can't lock something not on ground (must look down). You should then get the SPI marker (with line) and "TDC" should be displayed at the bottom of HUD (I didn't see it with default view angle). And the "wedding cake" on TAD... Quick note on wording, the TGP can be SOI and SPI generator. The TGP (or any other sensor) is not the SPI itself :smartass:
  13. I answered slightly off topic sorry about that :music_whistling:
  14. In DCS also your TGP (not only TAD) can be your SPI generator (and you can broadcast it) and when your TGP is SOI the mark point will be created on what's intersecting the TGP LOS. Cool indeed :thumbup:
  15. What I know about radomes is that they're made of radar-transparent material and less resistant structurally (on some airliners the radome is made of ceramics). It seem to make sense to make the destroyed nose look like the last photo Az' posted (i.e. "cut" around the rim). I'm also thinking about the destroyed radome on the MiG-21BIS, it really looks nice as it is done (I don't have a screenshot at hand sorry). On the wing, rudder and nozzle the tearing seem to follow the structure, it's really nice, I'm looking forward to see some battle damage like nasty cannon hits :devil:
  16. If you want one horizon line across all three screens side by side you actually need to use 1 camera setting. 3 camera is really 3 viewpoint with different (horizontal) angles. Think of a 3 projectors setup , one projecting on the front wall and the other two on left and right wall (at 90 degrees angle). See cichlidfan's answer.
  17. To me this module will bring us exciting air to air action (where every shot counts hehe) and fun with old style bombing and strafing :D How many unguided rockets can we cram on it?
  18. Probably not. And I won't make that joke. gnnn... can't ... resist... Shoot a Magic! damn.
  19. Interesting, I thought it was the tires that were burnt. I even read that they were loading only one on the side of the TGP to avoid burning it too, it is true?
  20. I hope there won't be too much of "separation of content", that soon there will be a unified API for all VR units. This reminds me of the early days of audio and graphic cards, each game had to ship with integrated driver for each different board type :music_whistling:
  21. Not sure, the 2000D has no internal gun, so, bye-bye knife fights :/ Only thing which is a pity is the absence of Mica but otherwise I think it's a good choice [EDIT: of aircraft version]. In my case I welcome the added challenge ;). It will also make a nice complement to F/A-18C rather than be redundant with it. Edit: there might be a canon pod for the 2000D, don't know if it's operational now: Deep strike, stand-off attack with lasing from JTAC or A-10s, yummy :D
  22. Lol, you're the kind to press the red button:megalol:
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