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  1. latest stable release with ricardo cockpit (mustang link)
  2. I installed cockpit mods in C:\Users\.......\Saved Games\DCS\Liveries\Cockpit_Ka-50\, but i cannot see them on OPTIONS > SPECIAL Tab > KA-50. Bad name directory ?
  3. I confirm, doesn't work with stennis on the stable.
  4. The issue occurs with the F14, i didn't try with F18. When i removed the mod, all returned ok. yes i play on the stable release.
  5. with release 1.7, carriers are not spawned on mission launch (stennis, lincoln, ..). May be there is a side effect on stable with supercarrier. somebody confirm?
  6. the snake method against excellent AI works. Personally, at 500 kts i make snake without loosing lock on my radar and at 8 Nm or less i fire.
  7. Shadows on flat only for external object, but shadows on low (at least) for cockpit shadows. If you choose shadows flat for cockpit you have glitch on the cockpit view in night missions
  8. Persian gulf airports' callsigns are not implemented in the sound directory. This causes trouble with ATC communication and when you have the answer on the screen, no sound.
  9. Search for MOOSE for the scripts.
  10. @paradox64: don't use the fps limiter and make the following test to validate the impact of SLI on Caucasus map: 1) With SLI enable see your fps reached. 2) Disable SLI in NV Inspector (you have a flag or forced single in AA), and see with the same configuration and mission the fps you reach. On my rig with 2 GTX980 TI i have: 1) 70 fps running in SLI for a given configuration and mission 2) 97 fps running on one GTX980TI. I suggest you to do the test in order to estimate the margin you have for further missions with a lot of véhicules or clouds. I'm not sure SLI is efficient in
  11. On memory there is an option somewhere in the menu, and an option in view.lua.
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