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  1. I agree to you absolutely. Another point to mention is, that there might be a lot of problems with drivers and application at the first time of an new os. After one year that might have changed. We will see. CU Shark
  2. Can you tell us, if and which other planes are getting AFM with 1.2 ? thx! Shark
  3. thx for the info! :p We are happily looking forward! Shark
  4. Not good! Hope that will be fixed in the next patch! Shark
  5. Update: We had a MP Mission with SU-33 und SU-25T. Mission was with turbulence 3m/s in all altitudes. SU-25T had turbulence, but SU-33 not! Shark
  6. From our MP-flight yesterday in a very nice atmosphere! This is one of the reason, why i love this game!!! Hope you like it! More pics in the screenshot gallery on our website http://www.33rd.de
  7. We noticed, that this featured seems not to work in MP. We created a mission with turbulence in all altitudes, which works fine in single player modus. When using same mission in MP, turbulences were not working! Is this already known? Thx! 33rd Shark
  8. On our last MP-Training Mission we had some enemy helis which we had to shoot. But neither with Radar nor with EOS (SU-27/33) it was possible to lock them, even in very near distance. With the SU-25T it was possible to lock them. Any Ideas? 33rd Shark
  9. Hm. Possible. I thougt repariring is completed when the canopy gets open and the MFD is working again. Have to watch out next time. Thx! Shark
  10. Not only EOS failure still exists after repairing. Also RWR ist not working. Any information about fixing in the next patch? CU Shark
  11. Strange! :icon_hang This happened when the enemy fired an ET on me and one second before i get hit i fired an R73. Maybe the ET hit the R73 which exploded and killed me. CU Shark
  12. ok, the source in the net are not always accurate like http://www.airforce-technology.com/projects/su27/ . But the SU-27 SM should be a great thing for all pilots which love to fly a russian aircraft. Please think about this seriously and dont forget, that the roots of this sim are the russian aircrafts and not the western. I personally dont want this game become a major western ac-sim with too powerful F15/16, so that the russian pilots get very less chance to get a good combat. So please dont forget to upgrade the SU`s / MIG`s for keeping the game balance! Thx 33| 279.KIAP_Sha
  13. Though its nice to see an F16 in the next Update, for me it would be much more exciting, to see an update of the SU-27/33 with new avionics and weapons e.g. R77, which would make these aircrafts more competitive against F15 and F16. Is there any chance to see an SU-27 SK or SU-37 in Lockon in the future? Another point of interest: After thousends of hours flying at the black sea, I`d like to see another theater like Norvegian / Sweden etc. like in EF2000 (who still knows this brilliant simulation? :biggrin: ), with a lot of mountains! :p How do others think about that? 33| 279.KI
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