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  1. In SAM mode you can still move a bit the antenna Track Test.miz
  2. On page 238 : The TMS down doesn't boresight the TGP. It command a CZ.
  3. There is another problem, the frequencies are inverted ! When the 31R is active (IA take off and land from/to the 31R) the 13L ILS is activated...
  4. After ground stabilize the TD Box in the hud press the MSL STEP button. The next AGM then "pull up" his seeker. AGM Pull UP.trk
  5. same here it happen to me almost every time i try to lock a contact in SAM mode
  6. Hello, IN AGM-65 PRE Mode, if you put the TGP in SP mode and then depress TMS DOWN with TGP SOI, the TGP stay in SP mode, but the MAV go to the steerpoint. https://forums.eagle.ru/attachment.php?attachmentid=248303&stc=1&d=1601051750
  7. AGM-65 no more slaved Hello, IN AGM-65 PRE mode, after commading a TGP point track, if you slew the TGP the MAV doens't follow anymore in real time. But when you stop slewing, the TGP is going automaticly in point track mode and command another handoff. Correct behaviour ? https://forums.eagle.ru/attachment.php?attachmentid=248303&stc=1&d=1601051750
  8. Hello, IN AGM-65 PRE mode with the TGP on CZ, if you put the WPN SOI, it's not possible to slew the MAV. If you command a point track on the TGP and then make WPN SOI, you can slew the MAV. Correct or BUG ? strange mav pre.trk
  9. AGM-65H Force correlate Hello, in AGM-65 video, Wags said that only G and K have the force correlate mode. But the DCS A-10C manual inn page 353, state that all Maverick versions except 65D have force correlate mode. So actually in the simulator you can fire an 65H with the A-10C in force correlate mode.
  10. how do you "extend/strech/i don't know" a part of a texture to avoid this kind of effect ? It seems some pixels are missing at the edge when multiple textures rejoin. I am looking for an easy way to strecth the texture in photoshop. Like ED do in default textures, to fill the gap.
  11. in the FA18, I notice that all the tracks are broadcast on the L16. An f18 can therefore broadcast a complete SA on its own. in F16, I notice that only a bugged track is broadcast to other members of the network, even in TWS. Is this normal or just not yet implemented?
  12. Please add the functionnality to configure the radios presets from the missions editor. Like any other aircraft.
  13. With engine powered off, if you switch to preset on the UHF backup panel before switching it to ON, the export.lua still export the manual selected frequency. To reproduce. 1) Take a cold aircraft 2) Put the battery on main power 3) Switch to preset on the UHF backup panel 4) Switch to main on the UHF backup panel the export.lua is exporting your manual input frequency.
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