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  1. I don't have LOMAC yet, but was wondering how multiplayer is? Can you play missions/ campaigns with other players online? Or is it only head on a2a? details please :D I am still debating if I should buy this game and update computer... its gonna cost me some... so wanna know what I am getting into. :)
  2. i see, well I have two more slots open on the mobo (I think). So would 2x 256 DDRs be better than 1 512 DDR ? So that way, I'll have 4x 256 RAM DDR Sticks. EDIT: Also, an important question... I have installed some small equipment in my computer before... like the firewire card, sound card etc. I hope this is not much different from that... (including the vid card?).
  3. yeah i think so, sorry I am the least knowlegable when it comes to computer hardware... but this is what it says on my system: Memory Slot 1/4 Installed Enabled Size 256 MB Form Factor DIMM Frequency 333.0 MHz Slot CHANNEL A DIMM 0 Manufacturer <unknown> Type 3DRAM Type Details Enabled Size 256 MB Total Bit Width 64 b Data Bit Width 0 b 30-65 FPS is not bad... :) What were your graphics settings at? medium or medium-high? I'll most likely order this thing today. thanks again
  4. What memory card do you recommend? The cheapest I could find was a kingston... is there anything else thta is more value/cost effective? Also another thing is, what kind of FPS did you get in Lock-On with that kind of Radeon card? I hope this setup lasts me another year atleast... thanks
  5. If touch screens were common, this would be an whole other issue... and more exciting too... but I dunno about using a mouse to hit the controls.
  6. pretty cool! I wish when you're flying right above the water, that it show some sort of a ripple effect.... like from the engines... that'd be cool. cool vid and music too!
  7. Ok, first of all, Cobra thanks for all that info. I downloaded 3DMark03 from futuremark and ran the tests. I got a pathetic score of 892. On all games except one I had only 2-3 FPS lol (I guess these have very high details etc.). The first one (Wings of fury) I had a good 30 FPS consistently. This program also gave me some additional system information that I earlier had wrong: CPU: Family Intel® Pentium® 4 CPU 2.80GHz Architecture 32-bit Internal Clock 2.8 GHz 533.0 MHz Memory: x2 Installed Enabled Size 256 MB Form Factor DIMM Frequency 333.0 MHz Vid Card: NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 Ok, so now both of you and others have recommended the ATI Radeon 128 MB Pro card and an addon of another 512 MB RAM stick. 1. Would you change your recommendation now that I know its 2.8 ghz and not 2.6 ghz? 2. I searched Newegg for this card, and it came up with atleast five or more Radeon 9800s but which one am i supposed to pick? what are the differences? NewEgg Link 3. This is expensive for me (as my whole computer itself only cost $700), so I need to know if this will last me atleast another 1.5 years of gaming... keeping in mind that upgrades of Lock On and other games might be out. Thanks to all those who are helping me out. :) Kawasaki_Ninja P.S. I am having fun destroying that mirage on the demo!... again and again
  8. ok, one important question about resolution, vid card, system etc. I have 2.6 ghz, P4 dell with a Nvidia 5200 GX. Is this a good enough card? What is FPS and does having a good monitor matter in how well the game graphics are? Possible link explaining all the relations between these factors for games? EDIT: I only have 512 mbs of ram and I bought this computer only last year lol. I guess it makes sense to build rather than buy factory made, if you're going with a high end gaming machine. ie cost wise.
  9. Damn I am glad I found this place. Thanks for all the info... I will definately read all those, it'll be a couple weeks before I start playing as I have some stuff to take care of thats important. I was a little enthusiastic after I found FS2004 and its online ability especially with VATSIM. But I was not too enthusiastic about flying buses in the sky. :p :D And most of those guys are actually pilots. So I am completely excited about online Lock on encounters, hope to see you guys in the skies. thanks again. newb I'll ask if I have anymore questions... :D
  10. Thanks for the quick responses... tells me the community is active! :D ok, some more questions... I am guessing multiplayers are more fun? And that you fly in groups (squadrons?). Can team mates talk to each other during live flying (with a head set)? And is hyperlobby the best place to fly in multiplayer? I have a logitech joystick... should I consider investing in force feedback joysticks? And finally, how about some useful beginner links? :)
  11. hi, I used to play fighter sims between 98-2000. Then somehow I lost touch with it. I never heard of many combat flight sims (except the old kind like WW2 etc. :icon_roll ) in the last couple of years. After doing some reasearch I found that LOMAC is the latest good one out. It looks pretty good from what I can see. And if there is internet gaming people pitted against each other, that is even more awesome. So I want to know all about this game. I am going to purchase it. Are there any addons? I can't seem to find any BASIC basic faqs about this game/ online playing on these forums. How is it fun with modern aircraft with longrange missles and no dog fighting? Or are there other scenarios? I am going to order the game anyway, but I want your opinions and facts about the game. thanks, A newb EDIT: updated questions.. next page.
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